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  1. chatty

    White Wigan patch with green trim.

    Factually wrong though. Have heard Kev say on more than one occasion he didn't actually attend the first allnighter.
  2. chatty

    British Pie week - 1980s flashback!

  3. chatty

    Forgotten Monsters From Wigan Etc Days

    Has this one been mentioned? The Night watch, Lips to your Heart. C/U as Long Long Way, The Ellingtons
  4. chatty

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    I recall us being hassled by a group of skinheads, late 70's whilst on our way to the Carousel Club alldayer in Longsight Manchester. There was a few more of our group straggling behind us so we got together and weighed in and had them on their toes. Barring that all the trouble I came across was in the Town centre enroute to the Casino.
  5. chatty

    World Cup in 4K

    If the technology is already available why are we normally expected to pay more for better quality vision of an event. I don't remember back in the day going to the local flea pit to be told, it's a shilling to go in and watch the matinee, if you pay two shillings we'll pull the curtain back.
  6. Not a celebrity but recently read the boxer Carl Froch's autobiography and in it he says his dad got nicked a couple of times for pinching cars to get to 'Northern Soul do's' in the Midlands back in the 70's.
  7. chatty

    World cup 2018 underway

    Keano, Red Nev, Evra and Larsson. ITVs punditry line up for the Germany game, enough to have the ABUs kicking their telly in.
  8. Don't know if this has been mentioned on the thread, but the rumour was it was called Space Dust because if you put it onto a certain part of a girls anatomy it would send them into orbit. Can't vouch for that though, I was only a kid at the time and had never even seen a real one and by the time I had they'd stopped making it.
  9. He died of....'ades' (sic) Sorry couldn't resist but the old ones are the best, as this thread shows.
  10. chatty

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Think it's a typo to be honest, rest of his stock looks right!
  11. chatty

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/EDDIE-PARKER-IM-GONE-LOVE-YOU-BABY-TOWN-165-/362110879968?_trksid=p2385738.m4383.l4275.c10 Only 70p postage though!
  12. The Junior McCants has been relisted at a "Buy it Now" price higher than the original highest bid??
  13. chatty

    Tony Turner - 6 x 6 - the truth !!!

    If that's 'The Truth" Jack Nicholson was right, I can't handle the truth.
  14. Ramos will either get or get someone sent off, and Ronaldo who has had a stinker will score an injury time penalty even though Madrid are already winning 3-0 will whip off his shirt do three laps of honour and claim HE won the cup!
  15. If the missus kept me in a 50 count record box would it be like a Ghost In My House. I'll get my long leather.


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