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  1. ChiSoul

  2. Seriously Soulful, Bristol

    Come & join Ben, myself & a host of other reprobates for 8 hours of all things Soulful - from sweet & deep to mid tempo grooves . . . then the tempo rises, along with my blood pressure, & young Weston & Houghton dig deep into their collective boxes for a rip snorter of an evening. There's plenty of great places to eat & the beer isn't half bad either . . . is there any way it could get better, well yes . . . it's a free night ! 'Seriously Soulful - purveyors of the good groove'
  3. Go Go Children - 2/11/13 - What A Night

    Always a great night & the mix of tunes & guests makes the whole event interesting each month. Great to hear Gas & the Funk Factory played out - killer b-side as well - & of course the Volumes & Otis Lee took the roof off . . . ! Top ...
  4. ChiSoul XIII - 'bring the curtain down'

    ChiSoul XIII - 'bring the curtain down' Saturday 27th February, 2pm - 12.30am Woodies Wine Bar St Pancras Chichester West Sussex PO19 7SJ Starring man about town & dodgy trouser wearer, Bob Jeffries Other hangers on & wanna be's include, Bob Jones, CJ & Stevie C, teee, Clive P, Darrell S, Johnny Pearson, Ant, Mick, & those rogues Jamie & Paul Featuring 2 rooms of all things Souly, dancy & jazzy, I'm sure there will be something to tickle your fancy. As always, this is a ticket only event, £10 each, details available from Jamie: 01243 528589, Paul: 01243 779970 Well after almost 7 years, it's time to 'bring the curtain down' & this will be the last Alldayer that Jamie & I will be doing in it's current form. Every dog has its day & believe me we've been more than lucky. Featuring some of the best DJ's outside of their front rooms, we've managed to have great fun with some of the nicest people you could ever wish to meet. It will be great to see a few old faces return for the last one, but Jamie & I would like to say a huge thanks to everybody who has ever taken the time to come along & support the Alldayer - we really appreciate it. Right then, go away & sort yourself out a ticket, so say those 'rogues in the brogues' for just one more time !
  5. ChiSoul XI Alldayer - 'always in the mood' !

    The next episode in the ongoing saga that is the ChiSoul Alldayers takes place on Saturday 28th February, 2pm - 12.30am ChiSoul XI - 'always in the mood' Woodies Wine Bar St Pancras Chichester West Sussex PO19 7SJ 2 rooms of all things jazzee, dancee & Soulful - 'sounds to quench your musical thirst' Special guest Ian Dewhirst Dj's include Bob Jones, Mark Webster, CJ, Stevie C, teee, Clive Porteous, Johnny Pearson, Jamie n' Paul Entry is strictly ticket only - £10 For tickets & further info: 01243 528589 - 01243 779970 www.myspace.com/chisouluk This next event drags us kicking & screaming into our 6th year & the usual collection of raggamuffins & reprobates will be joined by our very special guest & part time legend, Mr Ian Dewhirst. The man has been there since the early days of the Northern scene & is probably best known for the wonderful 'Mastercuts' collections but can't stand being reminded about the infamous 'botties over Britain tour' ! If you haven't been before, we promise you a warm welcome - so say 'those rouges in the brogues' Venue directions - http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?source=ig&am...=1&ct=title
  6. Austin Record Convention

    Good shout Brett as I'm hopefully going back over with Mark Houghton so I can feel a beer or two coming on ! There's also s'posed to be a really good place in San Antonio accoring to Gaz Simon - apparently both him & Baz spent about 3 days going through s...
  7. Austin Record Convention

    Hi Brett, Spent 3 days at the show last year mate - & while I agree with what Tony has said in that it has obviously seen better days, I still came back with a great selection of stuff as I know Baz & Gaz did as well. It's the usual story - nothi...
  8. Monumental Soul 28th October - London

    Def not Kim Weston. If it helps you mentioned the price (around £125) Looking fwd to Bisley, but will be late as we are popping into Lauras reception first. In that case Colin, would have to go for Dorothy Morrison - I can't go without you on Bro...
  9. Monumental Soul 28th October - London

    Hi Colin, As always mate, good to see you. Pretty sure the track was Kim Weston's - A thrill a moment on Gordy. But as always, could be wrong ! Speak soon & see you at Bisley. PaulT.