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  1. rubengijoncat

    Richard Wylie

    Money (motown) vg + 150€.
  2. Hi, how are you? I m looking for these 2 records. I d appreciate any help. Thanks for looking. R.
  3. rubengijoncat

    Want Z Z Hill - One Way Love Affair

    Thanks for The help & Pm please.
  4. rubengijoncat

    Kitty White Fool Next Monday

    Hi i want it please.
  5. rubengijoncat

    Jamie Coe - Cleopatra (Bigtop)

    Wanted record !!!!
  6. rubengijoncat

    Dean Jones - Women (Valiant)

    Lotta thanks Nils. Stay warm & cheers from Madrid.
  7. rubengijoncat

    Dean Jones - Women (Valiant)

    Hi, how are you all? Looking for Dean Jones 45, any help would be appreciate. Cheers.
  8. rubengijoncat

    B.k. Anderson Minimum Wage Promo

    60 Bucks
  9. Hi i m interested in Bobb king. Please mail me: rubengijoncat@hotmail.com Thanks and cheers.
  10. rubengijoncat

    For Sale : Linda - That Crazy Feeling

    I am interested, please email me: rubengijoncat@hotmail.com thanks.
  11. rubengijoncat

    Mod/r & B Tunes

    I d like to take The Eventuals, please mail me to: rubengijoncat@hotmail.com. Cheers.
  12. Any help, will be appreciate. Cristinkat@hotmail.com
  13. rubengijoncat

    124 45's To Go

    Hi,how are you? Im interested in one item, please mail me: rubengijoncat@hotmail.com Thanks. Ruben


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