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    Real Name: Rory Gallagher

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    Rory Gallagher
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    Soul music, Movies, videogames
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    Newton Aycliffe
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    Tobi Legend "Time Will Pass You By" (loved it way before it was 3 before 8!)

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  1. jim g

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    lla Vann on JM £412 with two weesw to go WTF!!
  2. Yep it did, but my point was to illustrate it is churlish to pick on one record or venue and lambast it for playing non "soul" records. Indeed, at least 20% all records I have tracked over the last 46 years are by non soul artists. Sone were awful IMHO, but that is just opinion. Back to the topic, if NS had not become an icon name, maybe it wouldn't be so popular in the mainstream, as they do like their labels for music.. and t..
  3. Easy to pick on that, but in reality the scene has ALWAYS played white mod/pop records. Big sounds at the Wheel (then Torch and Mecca) featured many "non soul" records. Julian Covey, Guy Darrell, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Spencer Davis, Barbara Mills, Wayne Gibson, etc etc etc etc. way before the Casino was open. My understanding is Dave Godin was referring to records that sold to customers in the north as the demand for s..
  4. When I was a lad we simply referred to it as "the scene" back in 1972. And people would ask if you were "on the scene". This was how we referred to it Newton Aycliffe Youth Centre anyway..
  5. jim g


    As promised (although a bit late!), here is Dave Godin's review of The Crow in the February 1974 issue of Black Music
  6. jim g


    I have the copy of Black Music with Dave Godins review. I will scan and post it on here later today.
  7. jim g

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    Sad thing is in 20 years or so no one will know the difference as most of use will be dancing in heaven...
  8. Humphrey Stomp on wand
  9. jim g

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    the only good thing about the video was too see that the FW 45 appears to still be in the UK. The rest was meh.. IMHO.
  10. jim g

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    yep that was the one. JM sold auctioned it a few years ago
  11. jim g

    Possibly THE Rarest Soul 45?

    JM Video is gone now, wonder why?
  12. jim g

    Johnnie on the spot, Dennis Edwards.

    Just sold on EBay in January for $2800, first one in years sold on ebay
  13. jim g


    Not promoting, simply sharing. The list of records up for auction is incredible, Larry Clinton, Gene Toones, Danny Monday etc. all from one seller and he is a good one with real records. Wish I had the money!
  14. it is amazing how many of these rare records get sold by the seller: carolinasoul on ebay.
  15. jim g

    Frank Wilson On Uk Tamla Motown

    And the uk release was from the stereo masters merged into a mono sound. Motown didn’t have the mono master. Ironically, unless you are rich and can find a copy the only way (I believe) to get a true mono copy is the Eddie foster boot.... please don’t shoot me, just sharing ..