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  1. Local car boot find

    that's it I am off to the car boots again! there must be something I can find
  2. Local car boot find

    Really!! When!?!
  3. Seems prices for Mike Morton have increased http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/272869740189?ul_noapp=true
  4. Interestingly, i just spotted this today which "outed" the Blue Sharks in 2008 !!! Seems someone already knew!
  5. And strangely on the Italian Blue Sharks copy the writing credits are to some called "Fogerty". I guess to avoid paying royalties?
  6. Lets not forget the Blue Sharks real identity, it is the Mike Morton Congregation..
  7. Where did you find it / how much?
  8. We are looking at a Winnebago for next year for us and our friends on the west coast and I will have permission to go to flea markets so you never know!
  9. has Hawaii been cleaned out? I have the chance to got their again with friends from there
  10. I know there will be churn of records but I am guessing, and it is a guess, some people have stock they can drip feed into the market to maintain prices.
  11. 2017, yet every week records turn up on Ebay, Sales sites etc. JM , Pete Smith, Tim Brown etc. in the UK have some really rare stuff. Carolinasoul on Ebay has 1000 listed at present with many big ticket items. So my question to you guys, where the hell...
  12. This is deffo the one played at the Torch 100% confirmed, you can even hear it played out here in 1972, at two minutes and 20 seconds in, the Catwalk as we know it is played : https://www.mixcloud.com/garrykeen/the-torch-a-live-recording-from-1972-djs-alan-da...
  13. TONY HAGAN.- R.I.P.

    Sad news, Fearnley's was my fav place in the Boro. RIP Tony.
  14. Jimmy and The Sun Dials on JM

    After close inspection of the picture of the labels, it could well be. Maybe JM bought it himself?