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    Tobi Legend "Time Will Pass You By" (loved it way before it was 3 before 8!)
  1. Tony Blackburn - Sound of the 60's

    the full playlist is here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b090ffx6#play I have asked a mate of mine who the collector chap is
  2. J Manship Auction Results 26/07/2017

    Celeste Hardie - at least double what is normally goes for, if not treble - jeez!
  3. rare as hens teeth. the chap selling it informed me it does play Salvation. I think there are less than a handful of known copies. There have been several topics on here about it in the past
  4. Does this look kosher LOL

    £318 now

    Well I did say originally over £300 😀

    £211 with 1 day to go. I forecasted £300 http://www.raresoulman.co.uk/auction/11829/the-torch
  7. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Gary Lewis and the Playboys Samantha Jones Shiela Anthony? The Silver Bullet Band California In Crowd Mike Post The Shakers Los Carnious George Carrow Dana Valery etc. etc. in the first issue of the Top 5...
  8. Blue-eyed Soul?

    Wombat were (are) a country rock band the video below is them today. Joe Cryer (writerr of Gettin') emailed me recently confirming this. He is the drummer. Most people quote the record label as Gemini it is not, GEMNI is the label but our eyes deceive us! ...
  9. Holy crap no! You will be arrested by the OVO Soul Police, thrown in a cell, disowned, humiliated, scorned and burned on a fire of re-releases.
  10. J Manship Auction Results 24/5/2017

    Yep LP is the way to go £20 to £30 and loads around. I just sold a minter for £20 and struggled to get that for it.
  11. J Manship Auction Results 24/5/2017

    Timi Yuro seemed cheap? popsike prices much higher: http://www.popsike.com/php/quicksearch.php?pagenum=1&searchtext=timi+yuro+it'll+never+be+over&incldescr=&sortord=dprice&thumbs=&currsel=&endfrom=&endthru=&ipp=&sdc=
  12. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

  13. The best anti drug record of all time IMHO is a James Brown's "King Heroin". Even though the song is about Heroin, it could be about any addiction. It is brilliant.
  14. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Another one £225 starting bid http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Robert-Thomas-Salvation-Northern-Soul-/322505090628?hash=item4b16cd2644:g:xsEAAOSwrhBZC3dW
  15. So pleased I held on to my original copy of this

    Tim Brown got one up for auction with starting bid £200. he told me (via email) that demand is crazy for it right now. I sold two copies (M-) for £30 two years ago having paid £20 for them on Ebay. http://www.raresoulvinyl.co.uk/auctions/#1019