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  1. Film rings a bell Kev-i'll mention it to him, and check it out myself. Cheers. Carl.
  2. I wont list all names, but thanks to everyone who's taken the time to give my friend some great ideas-he was really appreaciative, and told me to pass on his thanks to you! I've only recently got to know him a bit, and he hasn't actually let on what the project is-he did say he writes freelance for tv, so i'm really curious to know if it's maybe a Soul related documentary-i'll try and wheedle some more info', and let you know if it's anything relevant. Best. Carl.
  3. Curtis's Superfly lp is a great suggestion-one of my favourites! Thanks to Kev, 50 shades, Russ, Soulboyrecords and Dayo for your ideas-much appreciated!
  4. Hi. A friend is looking for good 70s Soul sound ideas, to reflect big city urban America in 1971, specifically, for a project. We both automatically came up with Shaft, but any suggestions would be a great help to him. Many thanks. Carl.
  5. CARL D

    90T's Nighter Tunes

    Tobi Lark-Challenge My Love, Tony Middleton-Paris Blues and Ruby-Feminine Ingenuity at the 100 Club in the early 90s
  6. Hi. Just sorting through a box of old bits+bobs, and i came across a note from Mick Smith, which states Gene Chandler-Bet You Never Thought-Constellation, enclosed, enjoy. Thinking back, i realised this was the first original label soul 45 i actually bought! I used to go record fairs in London in the late 80s, and first met Mick at one. I remember he also encouraged me to go to my first nighter at the 100 Club, so a double thankyou to Mr Smith! Anyway, back on topic, it would be interesting to hear what others first original label buys were? Cheers, Carl.
  7. CARL D

    John Manship Auction Results 28 -1 - 2015

    Kenny Carters' version of Got To Get Myself Together, on RCA, is better by a long chalk!!!! The other version is shi*e!
  8. CARL D

    "i'm Gone" On Ebay

    Currently at $3,550 ! ?
  9. CARL D

    Blues Brothers On Itv4-Now

    If anyone is a bored as per' with the usual dross on tele', there is a blue lining-this Classic movie is on ITV4 as i write-ENJOY!
  10. Thankyou for all your suggestions-much appreciated!! I've just watched Cadillac Records, which is really interesting as a pre-cursor to our beloved Soul. Also found the Otis Redding dvd-Dreams to remember. Again, really interesting info'/anecdotes about Stax and Otis, from musicians/related and family. Steve Croppers' stories about his relationship with Otis are extremely endearing, and footage of their wonderful creations sent tingles down my spine! Excellent, and totally recommended viewing pleasure. Cheers, Carl.
  11. Hi there. Just wondered what good films/documentaries/live recordings people like/can recommend, for example Ray and Cadillac Records. Think there's also a doc' about Otis Redding. Anyway, it'd be good to hear peoples recommendations and views. Many thanks. Carl.
  12. CARL D

    60's Northern Soul 100Mph

    Executive Four-I Got a Good Thing Going-STORMIN'!!!
  13. CARL D

    Advert/ Tune

    Sennakot-Marion Sodd-Permanent Vacation Divorce lawyers-Eddie Parker-I'm Gone. British Rail-Don Thomas-Come On Train Nytol-Changin Scene-When The City Sleeps X Factor-Sammy Ambrose-Welcome To Dreamsville!!!


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