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  1. Queens Hall was so dark it took five minutes for your eyes to adjust
  2. Enjoying this thread, always after good film recommendations - here's one from me, 'Carny', from 1980 with a terrific cast
  3. Nottingham Broadway this Fri 16th July 16.30 and 20.00
  4. Been meaning to say thanks for contributions to this thread, kept me busy checking them out and some superb stuff new to me - really interesting to see other folks top buys - northern, reggae, new release, expensive, cheap etc
  5. The Morcambe piece was on C4’s Ear Say as a piece by Gary Crowley if I remember right
  6. Thanks Dave, Not to go off topic but I'm not very good at telling vinyl from styrene
  7. Can’t find the SP version on discogs at all - sample photos are the PL or MO versions
  8. Wow, fantastic that Andy - what a great thing to have. Sounds way better than on the YT clip and makes more sense of course as the demo version ahead of BL. Thanks for posting PS always just assumed McCoy was Van McCoy
  9. That is an interesting version, just looked it up on YT - if I had heard it before I’d forgottten. Wonder how that came about? Not overly soulful for me but quite nice all the same
  10. Love this, however have had about four different US copies including a nice pink and white demo I’ve got now which looks and was graded M-, but none of them have played without some distortion on BL’s voice - just unlucky?
  11. Last 12 months is fine Going to have to dig Candace Love out now
  12. Which three tunes acquired this year have given you the most listening pleasure? Off the top of my head I’d say:- Boris Gardiner - More than words can say (Bronco) Gary Dean - You can say (Young) Jimmey Soul Clarke - (I’ll be your champion) I’ll be your winner (Soul Hawk)
  13. Interesting he says ‘strangely it didn’t seem that loud’ - is that anyone else’s recollection as well?
  14. Total niter tune though, takes everything up several notches. Not much of a melody, granted, but the rattling rhythm, raspy voice, blaring trumpets, etc - definite goosebumps for me
  15. Looking for 12” version only if you can help, VG+ or better Thanks, Chris
  16. Rod in fact of all the records I have bought this year yours along with a couple of other have been the most accurately described and I thank you for it Stopped buying off some well known sellers because their records are so rough compared to the gradings
  17. Records being graded nothing like they actually are under either a decent light or on the turntable ‘Mint’ - really, like mint unplayed? What, from the 60’s? ‘Yep’ Mint minus - really?! Ex - just about playable VG+ / VG- etc at least generally graded accurately and honestly as there’s usually no denying it If a record actually is M- you just about fall over
  18. Anything that gets delivered and you then need to build it
  19. Those programme trailers on the radio where they have one sentence read by different people to make it more interesting Radio presenters who’ve been on the sharp intake of breath training course Maybe I just need to stay indoors and never listen to the radio

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