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  1. Who's Finding The Tuneage ?

    Hiya Russ, how you doing mate?. Living in Kings Lynn I used to go to Johns place weekly, but in my experience he would'nt let you go through his stuff, only usually get stuff off the list. Sometimes, if you caught him in a good mood, he'd play you some recomm...
  2. A New One On Me

    picked the album up at a record fair last Saturday for £2!. Also contains the brilliant "Got you on my mind", which to me sounds a better and clearer take than the 45.
  3. Offers Please

    Valerie Lamar/ Shame.....DeeDee. A chance to aquire this very rare 45 in beautiful condition. Big record for Dave Thorley at Stafford covered up as Ann Sexton. Personally know of 3 other copies; Dave Thorleys own copy and InTown Mikey whose copy took h...
  4. Anyone Know This?

    Elisabeth Gambill; He's got it all together....Peace. Anyone know this?, mentioned it to several well known peeps and so far no-one knew it. Was told by my mate i bought it off it had been covered up as Sandy Golden, but can anyone confirm this?. Tia, P...
  5. The Ultimate Crossover Record

    2 from the top drawer from me; The brilliant Ronnie McCain/ This time i';m gone, and the even better, Jimmie Ellis/ Baby I love you, crossover perfection imo.
  6. Julian Covey Island

    Remember sometime back in the mid 70's John Anderson gave me a copy of the original pink issue. Asked him about it in Soul Bowl and he said he'd bring me a copy in from home, i thought oh yeah, i'll never see that, next time i went in he handed me a copy. Min...
  7. Mary Ann Lorri

    In guides on United International but I also have it on Butane w/d and Goldisc issue. Is it on any other labels? and anyone know which was first release? Thanks Perry.
  8. Had this acetate several years and wondered if anyone knew if it ever got a release, never seen one myself, but you never know! Doris Hampton/ I Wonder (I Wonder). Writers B Lee- R Moore....LamaJa Music/ Jer Hart music Thanks Perry.
  9. Jeri & Joe

    Jeri & Joe/ Without you Babe....Womar M-, half book price £100 Paypal as gift please. Recorded £1.75 Special £5.50
  10. How Rare?

    Not bad is it?. Spoke to JM who told me he had 2 copies a few years ago that both went for £75. one went to Japan. Got mine off Adey Pierce at least 15 yrs ago and not really seen it about since. One of the later releases on the logo.
  11. Some Nice Sales

    Roger Hatcher/ Sweetest girl in the world.......Excello dj M-, a spanker £225 Fantastic Four/ Can't stop looking for my baby....RicTic M-£100, a beauty, not like most copies for sale. Gene Chandler/ Pretty Little Girl.....Constellation vg++, light marks p...
  12. How Rare?

    Cozy & the Creshendales/ Oh My Love.....Fortune It's a great little record and doesn't seem to be in guides. Tia Perry
  13. Peggy Phillips & The Patterns

    Always assumed it must be very rare, just thought i'd mention mine is a stock copy. Apart from Chuck Bridges, the other 2 releases look pretty obscure as well, wonder what they sound like?
  14. Peggy Phillips & The Patterns

    I have a copy, had it for years, got it from Tim Brown for quite a lot of money at the time. Brilliant record that probably suffers because of it's rarity. This is the first time i've ever seen or even heard of another copy. You may notice it's in Manships pr...
  15. T.J.Williams/ Baby, I Need You .....Josie M- £225, absolute spanker! Paypal (as gift) preferred Recorded £1.75 Special £5.50 SOLD