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  1. lifeandsoul

    Gregory Porter - 1960 What?

    ??? it was and still exclusive in OVO format which seems to be what everying craves for. how many other releases have got subsequent issues and reissues? hundreds, probably thousands -people have argued that countless times that values have been diminished by subsequent issues, even bootlegs- so whats the big deal? Anyway buying a record because its an exclusive? whats that all about - just thinking of values. Why not buy a record because you like it. Seems to me that people bought it because it was an exclusive (for own personal gain or vanity)- thus denying people who actually like the record from buying it.
  2. lifeandsoul

    7" Record "bag" Holds 80 45's - Whaddya Think?

    i use this one, had no problems with it- light and pretty strong- its actually a lot 'firmer' than the pictures illustrate (based on the pics i don't think i'd buy it!!) http://www.htfr.com/p/216892/waxsak_5050_7_record_bag_blue_holds_150_7_records
  3. lifeandsoul

    Modern/pop Songs Which Sample Northern Soul

    as said there are loads but like the fact that Temptations sampled their own song My Girl on Stay couple of other nice ones - Jaheim lets talk about it - Try to leave me - Bessie Banks Badu's No love - Lucky Fellow Leroy Hutson
  4. lifeandsoul

    Price Matching Ever Tried It For A Record?

    kinda depends on the seller i would suggest- if a dealer it is essential to turn around stock so it may make sense to move on with a sensible price matching policy (as opposed to a low or unsubstantiated bid) - but values/trends/state of record change so much it is a difficult one to compare like with like. But if the seller is just an opportinist who sees a high value or demand and thinks i'd sell mine for that they would likely hold out as the sale is not so important.
  5. lifeandsoul

    Unknown Soul?sample At 00S Song In Youtube Video

    Any use http://www.whosampled.com/sample/view/101371/Pretty%20Lights-Cold%20Feeling_Joe%20Pass-A%20Time%20for%20Us/
  6. lifeandsoul

    Goodbye Larry Saunders

    Presume people know this but Ledisi 'found' her father a few years ago - Ledisi's mother, Nyra Dynese, sang in an R&B band, which was called "Coronava". Whilst pregnant with Ledisi, she played in this group and she also co-wrote the 70's hit "Pillow Talk" with Larry Sanders. Ledisi was the daughter of Larry Sanders, the outstanding singer/guitarist and is granddaughter of the late blues singer Johnny Ace. Link to story - http://www.bvnewswire.com/2009/06/19/ledisi-free-after-finding-father-and-forgiving-him/
  7. lifeandsoul

    General, All Genres Soul / R&b

    is it? it says - Soul Source - A rare and northern soul online affair
  8. lifeandsoul

    Taxman To Hit Ebay Sellers

    this is not 'new' and quick search found that i mentioned this in 2007 on a similar thread. Ebay is the obvious place to start but don't be fooled that they don't look at forums like this even to obtain information. I have dealt with enquiries where HMRC have picked information from sites where individuals have let it be known that they have a holiday home available for letting (for example), I know of at least one promoter who has been investigated. They used to trot around looking at cards in newsagent windows - no need now, just sit in front of a PC all day.
  9. Dwele " Angel (OhsokoolNYC Freakmix) (Download) http://t.co/SNHfhNvU

  10. Soul Freedom on http://t.co/04pca3bi at 3pm this afternoon with KGB taking the chair this week. Tune in for some e¦ http://t.co/wlMFWNit

  11. Eric Lau- Yesterday (feat. Guilty Simpson, Fatima & Olivier Daysoul) http://t.co/JDV7QbgI

  12. lifeandsoul

    Do You Still Buy Soul Mags

    i don't buy too many and prob don't buy enough of these two - Wax Poetics and In the basement - which would be my recommendations or this http://www.totaleclipsemag.com/subscription.html
  13. lifeandsoul

    Gregory Porter1960 What

    i think the point is that the orig is 'better' (as a piece) but the opolopo mix is best for playing out because of the extra kick and bass
  14. just for the sake of showing off really just put a pic of stephanie and me up - also roberta flack who was there at the same night http://www.joespub.com/component/option,com_shows/task,view/Itemid,40/id,2908 First saw Stephanie in Bristol where she was singing back up to Amp Fiddler at a venue called Fiddlers - amp couldn't get it out of his head so after every other song or so he would say - this is Amp Fiddler at Fiddlers!! As already mentioned Stephanie has strong links with Bristol having worked with the Portishead guys. Quite what relevance any of this has to the thread I don't know, but hey!
  15. lifeandsoul

    Life and Soul

    Life & Soul Indie Soul Party 2007


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