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    Mainly Niters, the odd Soul Nite. Prefer the Old Skool in the Modern room now. Still buzz off the other, but heard it too much.<br />Spent a number of years going to Warehouse Doncaster. Now that was a club. All the early dance stuff.
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    North West
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    Such a good feeling. Terrorize
  1. Alive and Buzzing and Buzzing and Buzzzzzing.

  2. Stuart, I think it's about time you added us as friends. Your list is looking a bit like Billy No Mates. You have two more than us tho'. Chris x

  3. The Brickhouse

    It's a place that often comes up in my Sunday conversations. Lots of vague but good memories about the place. Obviously Mick and Janet figure hugely. An army of Doorstaff manning the place, ready to repel the enemy, whoever they were. Open to a select few. On...
  4. Droylsden Soul Night - 2nd March

    Hi Mark. Thanks for reply. 15 years aaaaagh. Just talking to Kim and she said Dennis Billingham had Barbara as a house guest. She has a picture of Barbara upstairs that they were using for autographs. Where was it he lived Ramsbottom way. I believe he is livi...
  5. Droylsden Soul Night - 2nd March

    When were the niters all that time back? Can remember going but not when! Nothing surprising there though. If I remember correctly they seemed to be quite good... So good luck to it. One thing about lots of venues, you never get bored trying them out and th...
  6. Piercebridge - soul Addiction - 17 Feb - line Up

    What a Buzz Buzz Buzz you guys. Modern room amazing. Mark you are my hero. Eddie, so coooooool. I still don't know how you manage to look like you know what you are doing. Donna, I walked in the door, your choice of music hit the spot instantly. Lets hope it ...
  7. My History - a personal account

    Nice one. Impressed with dates. I know I went to this club and that club but did I go to that one. Given up trying to recall it. Its good when someone has a good story which involves you and you cannot recall it. Does this happen to you... please say yes.
  8. Piercebridge - "soul Addiction"-dates 2007

    Hi Steve Liana. Stu and Kim here. Dates in diary. Here's to a Buzz buzz buzz. I am sure Ruth will be there to take some furniture home. xxx
  9. Oldest Northern Track?

    Come on now get a life.....................no thats not a record............
  10. Sad News Terry Mac Rip - Funeral Details Added

    Hi. Stuart Butcher here. Terry what can I say...Will miss you mate, funny was driving up Waterloo rd Manchester other month and went past Abercarn close where we used to live. Who came to mind mate but you. Got me thinking where you might be...Then a phone ca...
  11. Netty & Azza GOT MARRIED

    Joan, Az and Johnny are sorting their records and are discussing whether there will be room for you to do a spot. They are going to bear you in mind....seeing as your collection is not as up to date as theirs.
  12. Netty & Azza GOT MARRIED

    Still here. Help......Johnny keeps saying' last record now'. Carpet nearly worn out...
  13. Netty & Azza GOT MARRIED

    Stuart here. Well it is nearly midnight, Tony and Johnny are leaping about in my front room putting some wonderful sounds on. Junior Walker, Gotta hold on to this feeling on now So the 2 best men are looking after him, or supposed to be.......It could quite e...
  14. Netty & Azza GOT MARRIED

  15. Prestatyn

    Thanks a million for the info. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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