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  1. I'd really love to get an REFO-CLIP Frank Hutson – Old Man Me. can anyone at all help me out? thanks in advance
  2. 10 Record Box Set 20 Titles Al Williams - I Am Nothing4. Eddie Holman - HurtFour Perfections - I'm Not Strong Enough5. Lee Andrews - I've Had ItLarry Clinton - She's Wanted (in Three States)6. Agents - TroubleLittle Joe Cook - I'm Falling In Love Wit...
  3. hey people thanks so much for all your help I guess i just gotta track down this little sucker now! i really appreciate your time cheers JJ.
  4. 60 Min Soul Mix - Download For Free

    thanks for the mix trying to get it now
  5. amazing tune I'm guessing its pricey and super rare. has there been a re-issue? and can anyone please let me have a MP3 i'd be very pleased to have any of these questions answered. thank you very much for your time
  6. Dorothy Morrison - I can't go without you Clay Brown - Walk with a groove Bileo - You can win. Any help would be very much apreciated
  7. Oslo Soul Experience

    i'd love one too... can anyone tell me what the nina simone track is near the end of the show?
  8. Curtis Mayfield

    thanks for your help
  9. Curtis Mayfield

    Hello, on my 'last played clip' there's a 'new' version on move on up sounds like a live version can anyone tell me a bit more about it please? and is it available to buy on vynal ?
  10. Curtis Mayfield

    hello, On
  11. The Impressions

  12. The Impressions

    has anyone got this album for sale? or can you poin me in the right direction and give me an idea of the price please thanks very much.
  13. Curtis Mayfield

    thanks a lot for the info eddie
  14. Curtis Mayfield

    can anyone shed a little light on this for me any chance of me finding one?? HOW GOOD! http://media.putfile.com/little-89

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