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    Soul Music is what I breathe, live and think. I'm a soulmaniac and I love it!

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    vinyl, food, good friends, travel, 60s clothing
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    Loveman Ronnie Stokes- Touch You Again, Pyramid-Soul Bros Inc....

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  1. Sujka


  2. You have not wrote the condition of the records?
  3. Finally it feels like I need to write this time. I have loved soul music since I was 15 years old which is not a long time ago.. I'm turning 20 years old this summer. But I'm indeed a truly soul-fan. Collecting, playing records and attending to soul-nighter. And I actually moved today to UK from Sweden.. Simply because the scene is bigger here and yeah soul music is happiness for me.
  4. Would be fun to see what conclusion you come up with. Can imagine that I'm who 19 year old will not have given much diffrent answers from somone who is 49 year old. That is the beauty about the scene.
  5. First of all my purpose was not to upset anyone or change the scene. It was an innocent wondering who seem to have developed to a discussion about what's the difference between women and men. And some comments have been quite offensive.. today no one would compare black and white people in the same way that many of you have compared women and men. It should not matter what color, race or gender you are as long as you love and respect the music. but obviously from reading the respond on this topic there is some people(not just men) who have an attitude against women on the scene... and perhaps that's the main reason why many women just choose to not take as much place as men. (It would be nice to get this confirmed or rejected from more women here.) That's at least the most rational answer I got so far on why the scene is so male dominated. KTF
  6. would love to hear what you girls are thinking!
  7. I really don't think some like the music in different ways.. either you get it or you don't and then all the things you mention comes with it.
  8. I'm not bothered about that because I'm just happy to meet people who love the music as much as I do unessential if they are men or women. I'm just genuine wondering why there is so few women who really are active when it comes to dj, collecting records and so on.. I have hard to believe it's just a coincidence.
  9. What do you mean? The society is equal divided when it comes to how many men/women there are.
  10. One thing I have wondered is how come that the soul-scene is so male dominated.. the venues, record-collectors, dancers, djs.. mostly men. What's the deal with that? Or I'm all wrong?
  11. Soul Bros. Inc. - Pyramid (can't believe that no one have mentioned it yet) so many of Levi Stubbs who gave me one of my first soul-memories.. Marvin Gayes "where are we going".. everything about this song is so genuine.. just healing for the soul Frankie & Johnny - "I'll Hold" not the most soulful record ever.. but the part when the guy (Johnny Curtis?) sings "I'll stay" always gives me the shivers a surprising one is Loveman Ronnie Stokes- "let me touch you again". wow cant describe why, but it does it for me everytime. and many many more...
  12. haha that's brilliant! need to get myself one of does portable dancefloors
  13. Thank you thank you for all the kind words! I always listen to soul-music and sometimes a tune is so good your emotions just go overloaded and then I feel the need to dance specially when there is good floor.. so this time my friend just started to film it.. no big deal, just me being myself and genuine happiness in the video!
  14. the music was put on later.. but it's the same song (holding the phone because was dancing to music from that).

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