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  1. the other ron & the embracers?

    The 'other' one as far as I know is called 'Gotta Get Away' is also on Spectrum and credited to the Embracers only. I was looking for this for a number of years from 2005ish but never saw one for sale so can assume it's a pretty hard find.
  2. Cheers Pikey - I'm a non desperate seller so £50
  3. Some discussion regarding the current price of the 45 but any ideas on the price of the LP? Cheers
  4. Majestics Or David And Ruben

    Glad to hear you are well mate . My memory is shot to pieces I'm afraid so you're more than likely right about that ! Speak to Matt regularly of FB not sure if he's on here though. Still around but living in the Midlands now.
  5. Majestics Or David And Ruben

    Hope you are well mate? Had no idea you had this back then! If we only knew then what we know now eh ...
  6. Majestics Or David And Ruben

    Must have gone as can't see it on there now. Interesting to see him auctioning that Insights record though - I had one of these years ago and couldn't shift it - it's tough to find as well! Clearly should have hung on to my WD of D&R was one of the r...
  7. Majestics Or David And Ruben

    The price on it is astonishing but always managed to fetch far more than the D&R Rampart one - I has a white demo of that which achieved £200 (some years ago) but all the three of the Majestics copies I had reached £250+ (the issue considerably more over ...
  8. Majestics Or David And Ruben

  9. Majestics Or David And Ruben

    There always seems to have been loads - I had at least three (1 issue and two demos) when I was trading on here and ebay around 2003/4 and there seemed to be a never ending supply of them knocking around on ebay - The David and Ruben issue is by far the harde...
  10. New Vinyl Recommendations

    Another Valdons release from Secret Stash - http://shop.secretstashrecords.com/collections/frontpage/products/the-valdons-just-how-much-can-one-man-stand
  11. How much is the Herbert Hunter?
  12. Hook Line & Sinker On Mica; Roy Wright

    Very rare on Vick - think this is the thread Steve is talking about above
  13. New Vinyl Recommendations

    Cheers ajb - great to see this thread still going strong. I don't get on here as often as I used to but I still check this regularly and thanks to all those of you who post regularly it's an amazing resource for info on new releases/previously unissued materi...
  14. Northern Soul The Film - See It At The Cinema

    Not sure if anyone's missed out on tickets to the Birmingham MAC showing, but Birmingham Empire Great Park are showing the film on Friday 17th, Saturday 18th and Tuesday 21st - plenty of tickets available for the Saturday showing as I've just booked mine.
  15. New Vinyl Recommendations

    Great to see this thread still going strong (20,000 + views) and thanks to everyone for their posts and recommendations. Couldn't agree more regarding albums as was always about new released vinyl not just 45s and Vic Pitts album is a great way to start!