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    Soul, Beer, Football
    Beer, Football, Soul
    Football, Soul, Beer
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    Anything by Teddy Pendergrass, without a doubt The Greatest!
  1. Thanks jason, your a star mate. Bri.
  2. Soul Sam - Jelly Track

    Thanks Dave, but what's it called ? Brian
  3. Soul Sam - Jelly Track

    Can someone give me the name of the Jelly track, Sam played in the Pub at Prestatyn yesterday? Cheers, Bri.
  4. Frank Wilson On Soul Auction

    Right, I'm confused now can someone just answer me these simple questions? 1. Is the copy to be auctioned Kenny Burrells? 2. If the copy to be auctioned is not Kenny Burrells, who's ist it? 3. If the copy to be auctioned is not Kenny Burrell...
  5. Free Motown Goodies

    RADIO2 MOTOWN AT 50 SEASON Radio 2 are doing a Motown season to celebrate Motown at 50. here is the link for page giving dates of shows etc. Should be great, can't wait.
  6. It kind of punches a hole in your chest, then reaches in & rips out your heart. Brilliant stuff!
  7. Curtis Mayfield

    There you go Billy, this really is a fantastic record
  8. Gamble And Huff Interview

    Fantastic stuff, thanks a lot Martin
  9. Higher And Higher: The Jackie Wilson Documentary

  10. This was on Radio2 a couple of years ago, does anyone have a copy of this? I'm quite happy to pay for it or if someone could pass me a link or whatever, I'd be very grateful. Thanks, Bri.
  11. "youth Club" Soul

    We had it tough at our youthie, my first foray inot Northern was to the strains of the following, Out on the floor The Snake Needle in a Haystack The Night (First record I ever bought) Magic Potion The Cheater You get the picture, but I ...
  12. The Best Vinyl Cutters ?

    Thanks a lot chaps. Nice to know for when i do my "Specials"
  13. The Best Vinyl Cutters ?

    Who can do one of 12"s with good sound & reasonable prices, i'm only looking for one offs here,. Some references would be good? I've seen vinyl Carvers site on the web, anyone used them? Anymore examples?
  14. 10 Bradford Blasters

    4 love, of course, thanks for that, yes I've already been in contact with Barry, be cool to do the Rave cave, just one more time!