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  1. toones

    Younghearts – A Little Togetherness - Original

    how much is it going for?
  2. toones

    UK Wants. Updated.

    What Tommy Neal going for?. May be tempted to sell.
  3. toones

    Help Please

    Ah OK many thanks. I didn't think I was likely to find one in 1 of my old boxes. Searched the library on here and its shows a cream one.Cheers.
  4. toones

    Help Please

    Be grateful if someone could tell me how to identify between real /fake coppies of Sister Lee. Many thanks.
  5. toones

    The Fidels+ James Carr

    Fidels sorted??? I've 1 if interested.
  6. toones

    The Sweets

    Are you sorted?
  7. toones

    Wants (Mostly R&b)

    Got a Joyce Bond if you're still looking.
  8. toones

    Edward Hamilton - Call Me

  9. toones

    Edward Hamilton - Call Me

    What's the difference between the Orange Carrie and the green?
  10. toones

    3 R&b Wants

    Got a Bobby Adams how are you willing to pay?
  11. Baby I Need You - Josie ex 275 Soul Searcher- Eddy Hughes - Band 350 a few pops and crackles hence price Lonely Man - Jerry and his Uniques - Lennan Records VG 200 P&P 1-50 , 5-50 special No Paypal!! Cheque, P.O., E-Transfer only
  12. toones

    Uk Price Please

    Tommy Neal-Goin' to a Happening-Vocallion Demo. Anyone know what it worth?? It's listed in an old JM UK guide for 114, bit of an odd figure. Be grateful for your thoughts.
  13. toones

    James Moody -Smack-A-Mack

    Did you get a copy? If not how much are you willing to pay?
  14. toones

    James Moody -Smack-A-Mack

    Kev's got one and will contact you.


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