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  1. Younghearts – A Little Togetherness - Original

    how much is it going for?
  2. UK Wants. Updated.

    What Tommy Neal going for?. May be tempted to sell.
  3. Help Please

    Ah OK many thanks. I didn't think I was likely to find one in 1 of my old boxes. Searched the library on here and its shows a cream one.Cheers.
  4. Help Please

    Be grateful if someone could tell me how to identify between real /fake coppies of Sister Lee. Many thanks.
  5. The Fidels+ James Carr

    Fidels sorted??? I've 1 if interested.
  6. The Sweets

    Are you sorted?
  7. Wants (Mostly R&b)

    Got a Joyce Bond if you're still looking.
  8. Edward Hamilton - Call Me

  9. Edward Hamilton - Call Me

    What's the difference between the Orange Carrie and the green?
  10. 3 R&b Wants

    Got a Bobby Adams how are you willing to pay?
  11. Baby I Need You - Josie ex 275 Soul Searcher- Eddy Hughes - Band 350 a few pops and crackles hence price Lonely Man - Jerry and his Uniques - Lennan Records VG 200 P&P 1-50 , 5-50 special No Paypal!! Cheque, P.O., E-Transf...
  12. Uk Price Please

    Tommy Neal-Goin' to a Happening-Vocallion Demo. Anyone know what it worth?? It's listed in an old JM UK guide for 114, bit of an odd figure. Be grateful for your thoughts.
  13. James Moody -Smack-A-Mack

    Did you get a copy? If not how much are you willing to pay?
  14. James Moody -Smack-A-Mack

    Kev's got one and will contact you.