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  1. HI We won't be able to go this Saturday 4th July at Bournemouth so if someone would like to buy our tickets please email me or send a message on here please. They are £47.50 each so £95.00 for the two email address is andrewsmann@aol.com I could send via special delivery or if local I could deliver Thanks Andy SOLD
  2. A few nice things worth a look at. 1- Larry laster - That's just what you did - Duo Virgo - £225 ( his best record imho ) 2-The Rotations - Trying to make you my own - Mala promo - £175 3- Bill Wright - A man in love - Midtown - £125 4- Al james and the new Rhythm band - give me up turn me loose - Alocis £150 5-The brown sugar band - Night -time lady - Sugar £50 6 - The Marvels - Tomorrow -Finer arts - £40 SOLD 7- Debbie S - Try my Love - Flaming arrow - £40. SOLD Please read. All records are vg++ and very nice condition and anyone who has brought from me in the past will tell you that, and have been very happy etc. The price will include special delivery to uk address only ( outside uk please contact me for postage etc) Any more information needed please contact me and payment i would like by paypal ? Thanks for looking. Andy Mann
  3. 1. Jimmy Bee - If it wasn't for love / why did i lose you baby - 20th century fox -£55 2.Felice Taylor- I can feel your love/ Good luck - kent £45 Please read ... the above prices include Special delivery cost to a UK address so can be traced and are insured etc. I would like payment by paypal as friend, but email me or pm if a problem. Records are vg++ and the scans below are from the records in question but sound clips on you tube are not. Thanks for lookimg and hope this may interest someone on here. Andy.
  4. All records priced including postage to uk address, paypal only i'm affaird. Send me a message if you need more information about the record you would like, payment details etc. Worth a look and there might be something to interest you. 1-The Artistics - The chase is on - Brunswick Drill hole £20 2-Carl Weathers - you ought to be with me - Mirage w/d £12 3-Gene Chandler - ( gonna be ) good times - constellatio £12 4-Ralph Graham - let me love you - Sussex £10 SOLD 5-Ben E King - We got love - Atlantic £15 6- John freeman Introducing Alemta latimore - I need you - VR £15 7- Donny Mann - I'm a weak man - wooden nickel - £20 8 - Freddie Scott - ( You ) got what i need - Shout £15 SOLD 9-Darryl carter - Crying - Perception £15 SOLD 10- Jimmy Robins - I can't please you - Jerhart (blue) £20 Again thanks for looking and remember no postage to uk address just the price by the record. I will send second class and get proof of postage from Royal Mail. Andy
  5. sent you a message about Freddie Scott
  6. Barbara banks - living in the past - River of tears - veep 45 M- have a look at scan etc below £110 including Special Delivery to Uk. SOLD Any questions please email me etc. Paypal only as a gift etc. Thanks for Looking . Andy.
  7. I made this a few years back and if you like Gladys this might interest you ( well i hope so ) Enjoy Andy
  8. 4th July Bournemouth Dorset booked and can't wait.
  9. Yes i agree about the Chuck but i personally think Chuck's vocal is better but overall the song is not as good as the Four Tops ( the backing on Chuck is not brilliant ) and with the Four Tops you have the bonus of Ask the lonely , but great to see the Chuck version get a release via Kent, who have a knack for releasing great music in a great way with a amazing attention to detail. ( thats got to be worth a christmas card next year from Ace )
  10. 1) little Milton-Don't turn away-glades ( for the little Milton fan club the other person knows who he is ) 2) Tommy Hunt-Comin' On Strong - Dynamo 3) Archie bell and the Drells - Green Power - Atlantic 4)General Johnson and the Chairmen- Don't walk away - Surfside 5) Gladys knight and the pips - love was made for two - cbs ( hope to see her this year ) Hope your well Sean and still loving the music ...just getting back into stuff and pulling stuff like this out to play , i hope the above ,people enjoy but that's up to them nothing rare just good but that's what it is all about or i'm i missing something. Kind Regards Andrew ( original name only )
  11. Good news and i hope the record turns up for your sake and that of the poor buyer also, and sorry for the trouble you have had, as like i said in a earlier post i have worked for Royal Mail for 24 years now and have a family history also going back years ,and use the service as a customer also. I have looked at some of the posts and it shocks me at some of the stories about Records getting no signatures and being left out in the rain etc should never happen. I can only speak for where i work and i would say most people would be shocked who have worked for what was a great public service but not perfect unfortunately and in lots of ways is getting worse as the pressure especially on delivery staff is unbelievable. I could go on forever about what is going on but a can of worms springs to mine. Kind regards Andy.
  12. Sorry to hear the buyer hasn't recieved the record let ? it may still turn up as recorded mail gets treated like any other packet anyone posts all recorded means is you get a proof of posting and the person recieving the packet should have to sign for it and you then get proof of delivery. Millions of letters packets etc get posted everyday and things can go wrong and Royal Mail are still a great service which i hope most people on here have no problems with. Your question about a postman ( should be postperson by the way ) delivering a recorded item without getting it signed, should never happen and it makes me angry that it would, but there are a lot of reasons why it might happen. Please if you are worried about your item call the dom ( delivery office manager ) where the item would be delivered and ask why this is happening even though it might have been them who did it ( not easy to find out the number but you can find it ) Again sorry and i hope it turns up as it might still do ? but always remember if you don't trust the buyer or are worried about sending a expensive record please use reg post ( special delivery as it is now called ) it gets treated differently and is insured up to £500 i believe, recorded is only about £28 in stamps and to be honest just get proof of posting. I have worked for Royal Mail for 24 years now and it annoys me when things go wrong as i'm like all of you a customer at the end of the day, and it is getting worse but it is still worth sticking with believe me . I hope it turns up Andy.
  13. Great post and thank you so much ..great to hear his voice again I shall raise a glass at the 100 club to him this weekend.
  14. drew

    6T'S 100 Club ALLNIGHTER

    The joys of running a allnighter in fancy london town ....are the rock band still playing as i was hoping there would be some headbangers who would create a light dusting of dandruff on the dance floor which would make it easier for the dancers ??? Back in the real world i'm hoping to make it and enjoy listening ,and maybe dancing to some great records and talking nonsense about them, as it's been a long time since i've come along to the 100 club. Remind me, do i just turn left when leavig Dorset and head north to i come across that small little village with 10 houses and one pub called LONDON ??

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