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    Drinking, dancing and obsessive collector of vintage clothing and Soul/RnB 45s.
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    Glasgow, united kingdom
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    Little Nicky Soul - I wanted to tell you.

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  1. Emily73

    Soul on the Tweed

    Look forward to it!
  2. I can only find the reissues on Discogs. Could you possibly send me a link? If you don't mind?
  3. Hi Looking for this Album on the Crown label. It's just titled "BB King" released in 1963. I'm not after the reissue with "Going Home" as the title on the cover. Cheers!
  4. After Johnnie Mae Matthews "My Destination" (Northern Records) Preferably vg+ Cheers
  5. Hi Looking for a copy of Kenny & Larry - You and I are through (A Bem Sole) preferably vg+ Ta!
  6. Hi Looking for a copy of General Crook -"Turn on your Love Light" on Capitol. Preferably a VG+ copy. Cheers!
  7. Emily73


  8. Hi Looking for The Vonns - So many days on King. Preferably vg+ Cheers!
  9. Looking for the above, hopefully VG+ to mint. Original only. Thanks!
  10. Hi Looking for the above record, preferably VG+ Cheers!
  11. Hi Looking for a vg+ copy of this on Duke. Original only. Cheers!
  12. Hi After Dorothy Berry - You better watch out on Planetary. VG+ preferably Please PM price. Cheers!
  13. Mate, if you were a Toblerone would you eat yourself??
  14. It looks like one of those daft advertisments you used to get in The Viz. Especially the Tesimonials!
  15. I remember when Johnny Vaughan used to have the Northern Soul Patrol sketches on his show, people were winging because the dancers were Scooterists and not real "Soulies". I think someone even sent a letter into Scootering to complain about the quality of the dancing and it gave the Soul scene a bad name! As far as I'm aware I don't think the Soul scene suffered and I don't imagine the dancing at the Brits will have any sort of impact one way or another? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V2_CSz3D-VM

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