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    I’m coming into Soul music by ska, Reggae and Rocksteady. I’m seriously collecting records since 2007 and with my friend Eric we run a monthly ovo soul event called SOUL INVICTUS in Nice (French Riviera).

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    Nice (French Riviera)
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    Dimas III so funny

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  2. Fredadelic


    Hi everyone, With my mate Eric Djiane we run since years a monthly soul event here in NICE (French Riviera - @ Groovin’bar 1 rue du Moulin - Vieux-Nice). It’s called Soul Invictus. We play OVO Soul, R&B, Northern, Popcorn,Ska, Rocksteady, reggae 69... We try to invite a DJ each month in order to share our passion with new friends and to discover other top sounds. We had the chance to play with some of the best international DJ : Dave Rimmer, Bruno Jerez, Baz Sharples, Simon Songhurst, Darren Sykes, Barbara Grassi, the young Jordan Wilson, Luis Soulful, Lionel Romano and many more... For the first time in French Riviera we have the pleasure of receiving ANDY BELLWOOD Saturday February 15th. Here are some words about him : Andy Bellwood hails from North Yorkshire, England and has his own , weekly 2 hour radio show ‘Andy Bellwoods’ A Cellar Full of Soul’ , Mixcloud podcasts (https://www.mixcloud.com/andybellwood/ )and djs extensively at ‘Soul’ venues with Northern Soul , 6ts rnb, Mod , x-over , modern and chillout sets including at the legendary Kings Hall Stoke all-nighters , Whitby Weekenders , Blackpool Tower etc and in Europe at the Perpignan Weekenders , Palmarium Scooter Rallyees and Modified Ibiza. Andy was a resident DJ at The Waterfront Blues & Soul Club and ‘Dekka’s Roots Room’ . He also managed The Name , a 79 mod revival band , who signed to Virgins Din Disc label , had an indie chart hit with ‘forget art let’s dance’. The original 45 ‘f**k art ..’ was withdrawn by the record company but can be found on a ‘mod’ compilation cd. Their retrospective LP ‘Whats in a Name’ was finally released on Detour Records some 25 years later ! 5 of Andy’s current plays ... King Coleman ‘Down in the basement’ (Togo) Marvelettes ‘It’s too late (to start all over‘ aka ‘suspicion ‘ (unreleased acetate) Paul Sindab ‘I was a fool’ (Powertree) Glen Miller ‘Where is the love ‘ (Doctor Bird) Vicki Anderson ‘My man’ (Whiz) Thanks for Your attention. Hope to see you there
  3. Fredadelic

    Soul Invictus Night

    OVO event
  4. Hi, I'm after DIMAS III I Won't Love You on Clown. Please let me know price and conditions. Thanks. fred
  5. Hi, I'm looking for The Hitchikers Mr. Fortune (Heart Records) in VG+ condition at least. Thanks Fred
  6. Hi, I am searching for The Vontels - Ta-Hula Hoop (Lebby). Thanks Fred
  7. Hi, I'm searching for Sir Guy Funky Virginia (white label Only). Thanks and Merry Christmas Fred
  8. Thanks Flanny, But I Have found and bought one copy 4 days ago. All The best Fred
  9. Hi, I'm after THE PARAMOUNT FOUR "You don't know". PM please Thanks Fred
  10. I Thank you. I'm sorry I've not read your message in the beginning of your post. Best regards. Fred
  11. Hil, Is your Larry Trider's carbon copy still for sell ? All the best Fred
  12. Hi Paul, Is your Larry trider's Carbon copy still for sale ? All the best Fred
  13. Hi, I'm selling some records this week on eBay. Take a look http://shop.ebay.fr/59mermedit/m.html?hash=item3cc556a3ba&item=261008827322&pt=FR_VC_Vinyle&_trksid=p4340.l2562 Fred

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