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  1. Happy birthday!!!x

  2. Atlantic Ep Aet6006 Original Hits Vol 2

    The sleeve's very unexciting, just the artists and the titles large print on the cover. Nice colour cover though if I remember rightly.
  3. Atlantic Ep Aet6006 Original Hits Vol 2

    Found a mint one of these about 20 years ago in a junk shop for 50p. Sold it about 5 years later at the 100 club for about 20 quid. the bloke who bought it said he collected Uk Atlantic ep's and had never seen this one before.
  4. you been Ganched!!!


  5. Me Gusta Latin Soul

    Monguito Santamaria - 'Hey Sister' ( Fania) Anyone mentioned this one yet?
  6. watcha hear bout that thing?

  7. Green Onions

    Play all sorts at the Marquee, all sorts of folk, laid-back kinda groove, COME ON DOWN!
  8. Local bootsale find. Obviously early sixties. There's a stamp on it that reads 'For Shapiro, Bernstein & Co Ltd'. And the title 'I'm gonna change'. Sadly no artist. Anyone recognize it?
  9. At This Very Moment I'm Listening To

    Roddie Joy- He's so easy to love (Red Bird) Smooth!
  10. Full On, Mental, Northern Soul

    How about Eric Mercury's 'Lonely Girl',now that's a mental tune!
  11. Uniform Record Prices?

    Mr Bridger to you! :angry:
  12. Tune For The Week - Fluffs Choice

    Thats right, I found a uk demo copy of this on stateside at a boot sale in about 1985, always dug it and never seen it mentioned anywhere since, cool tune.
  13. 100% Pure Poison