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    Rare Soul music, collecting little round pieces of black plastic, dancin, Martial Arts, Biscuits (there is a world of em out there!) combo'd with a fine brew milky with one sugar..and mainly cheap laughs...
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    Changes each day with my feelings and thoughts..
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  1. toodarnsoulful

    Billy Bland - She's Already Married

    Looking for a copy of - Billy Bland She's Already Married on St.Lawrence Any help would be great getting a copy.. cheers
  2. toodarnsoulful

    Trey j's I found it all in you TEE GEM

    Trey j's I found it all in you TEE GEM M- £700
  3. Johnny Sayles - Anything for you / Deep Down in my Heart UK DEMO Liberty... visually G+ (labels clean) plays VG+ £50 rare one on UK demo.
  4. toodarnsoulful

    Tony Hestor On Magic City

    Still looking...
  5. toodarnsoulful

    Tony Hestor On Magic City

    Looking for a copy of Tony Hestor's Spaceland which came out as a pressing on Magic City. I'm not interested in the outta sight/Pameline copy.. Anyone help on this? Cheers
  6. toodarnsoulful

    Crossover + a few other bits

    Crossover n some other nice bits for sale The Presidents – Love Pain PLUM EX £20 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sCp6cnCJpRc Anna Walker and the Crownettes - You Don't Know PAMA EX+ £35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOHnp-jfWlM Gloria Taylor - Deep inside of you / World that's not real COLUMBIA M- £85 The Major IV ‎– Down In The Ghetto VENTURE EX £50 Rare Pleasure ‎– Let Me Down Easy VG+ £75
  7. toodarnsoulful

    A few lovely winners

    1. George Perkins ‎– I'm So Glad You're Mine / Royal Shield EX+ £452. Gloria Soul - Satisfy My Hunger / Golden Records VG+ £703. Irene Scott ‎– Everyday Worries / Midas Records M- £75
  8. toodarnsoulful

    Creators - Just you & me - RCA

    Wanted: Creators - Just you & me - RCA Cheers
  9. Wanted a copy of Jimmy Castor - It's just Begun on Kenetic Cheers!
  10. toodarnsoulful

    Modern soul Wants List

    Few Classics and rare ones I'm after.. J.B. Bingham - All Alone By The Telephone - United Artists Clausel - Let me love you - Up right Charles Johnson - never had a love so good - Alston The Mark IV "If you can't tell me something good - Brite Lite MNSB - Illusion - Seventh Scroll Jackie Johnson and the Backbeats - How tough it was - Ranbilsonu Harvey Scales - Trackdown - Magic Touch Sam Nesbitt - Chase those clouds away PM Me if you have any for sale!! Cheers!!
  11. Wanted.. anyone got a copy for sale? Al Christian ‎– I'm A Lonely Man CHANT
  12. toodarnsoulful

    Wanted: Creators - Just you & me

    Wanted: Creators - Just you & me - RCA PM price and condition please
  13. toodarnsoulful

    WANTED: Rosie Lopez - Too Hot To hold

    WANTED: Rosie Lopez - Too hot to hold - Pulsar PM me with Price/condition etc. Cheers!!
  14. toodarnsoulful

    *REDUCED* Constellations / Lezli Valentine / Valerie & Nick

    All records reduced
  15. *REDUCED ALL PRICES FOR QUICK SALE* Constellations - i didn't know how to / pop daddy GEMINI STAR EX++ £250 Lezli Valentine - I Won't do anything / I've got to keep on loving you ALL PLATINUM (white promo copy) VG+ £25 Valerie & Nick - I'll find you GLOVER VG+ £30 Rodge Martin ‎– They Say - DOT VG+ £30 All records sent signed for delivery, £2.30 to UK, PM for elsewhere in the world. Cheers


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