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  1. Little Miss Soul

    Little Miss Soul

  2. Little Miss Soul

    Essex Weekender

    I missed most of that but I for thought you were brilliant and well done you for standing up to the music police! I had a great time. Spent most of the time in the modern room, dipping in and out of the northern room and what I heard, I enjoyed. I caught quite a bit of your set and really enjoyed it. Numbers did improve on the Saturday which was good to see but as I said before, despite low numbers we had a brilliant time! I thou..
  3. Little Miss Soul

    Essex Weekender

    I went and spent most of my time in the modern room, managed to go for both nights and despite the low numbers, I had a great time. The atmosphere was brilliant, lots of smiling faces and happy people which, along with the great music, is all you want anyway. A thoroughly good time! Thanks to all involved. My only complaint feet hurt.
  4. Little Miss Soul

    If You Could Change One Thing About The Scene?

    At weekenders I would add: Heating Bedding (clean!) Towels (clean!) Apart from that - my only comment is that there's far too much politics going on in the scene. We are all there for 2 reasons - music and to see each other. Life's too short to moan about who played what in what room blah blah blah Spend the time enjoying yourselves with your mates rather than moaning! Other tha..
  5. Little Miss Soul

    Up & Coming Soul D.j's

    Ian Williams from Bristol (or Brizzle, depending where in the country you are) and Steve Harry from Swindon are good. Young, upcoming and full of..........soul! TIP: If you are ever in the Bristol area, check out the getting together evenings.
  6. Little Miss Soul

    Kenny Thomas

    Now I'm not too sure if I should write this or not but I specifically watched Baby hit me one more time on Sat night to see Kenny Thomas and he did not disappoint! I think his voice has improved over the years and his version of a Norah Jones song was fantastic. He did say that his new album is 'coming up for release some time soon' and I for one will be ordering a copy. A great UK artist! Although some traditionalists do not..
  7. Little Miss Soul

    Bristol Soul Night Thursday 28th April

    Ah, another Getting Together! I've been to the majority of the GT nights and I have loved every one of them so if you have a chance to go (to this, or any other of the GT dates), get in the car and go. Mike, Ian and Steve all seem to play an excellent mix and the sets always seem to compliment each other - well done boys! Looking forward to this one - any others on the horizon?
  8. Little Miss Soul

    Home Grown "soul" Talent

    How about the lovely Lynden David Hall?
  9. Little Miss Soul

    Prestatyn 2005

    What an excellent time! Saw old friends, made new ones, danced and drank my socks off. Have booked for next year and decided to make the move up to a Chalet with a microwave and towels!! Unfortunately we could only go and stay on Sat night so it was a short weekender for us but what a great one it was. Thought Cliff Steele played a good set early Sunday morning and also quite enjoyed the Soul in the Sun set on Sat afternoon.