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    football squash and any good music
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  1. anybody got one for sale thanks kev
  2. sad news indeed heard about this on radio 2 this morning
  3. 7 years ago today we lost this fella rest in peace soul brother
  4. has there been a volume 2 ,the reason i ask is i've seen another 45 ta kev
  5. had my cardboard cover of tmg1000 signed by kim weston and the cover of marvin & his girls to which she replied god i'm the only one left, did not want to deface the records kev
  6. don't know if this has been done already heres a link https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/kenny-thomas KEV
  7. FULL TRACK LIST FOR ANYONES INTEREST https://www.hearingmusic.com/yankee_tracklist.htm
  8. current play so people have to have it kev got my ex demo from the states for $25 a few months ago
  9. just sent him both barrels for what it's worth kev
  10. last time i saw one was in rob smiths sales box at sleaford rugby club a few years ago sure he said it was a carver pretty sure i'd seen a few for sale around that time kev

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