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  1. lil deb from wigan is in my opinion(and a few others)one of the best mecca shuffler/70s stomper/scissors( or what ever u wanna call it)
  2. both my mum and dad are scousers born and bred,and were mods back in the 60s,ive asked this question before,there wasnt a massive soul scene in the city amazingly as it had all the right ingredients,they would do the usual clubs,sink,iron door,cavern etc,even used 2 travel the wheel and pendulum in manchester,think it was because of the strength of the mersey beat scene that pushed soul out off the city.as a city it had some potential that was never tapped into.and still has a few venues that could be used as allnight soul events-graffton rooms for example had mod alldayers back in the 80s but never managed to ignite the flame of interest
  3. stunnin venue so lookin forward to this,think northern soul will find a new home,so glad there restoring it to its former glory
  4. yep i know it,ive got 2 original ones,but u can get em on line seen em on ebay(scooterbabe sells em)
  5. me mate,i know em all and have their contact numbers send me your details and ill pass em on for you
  6. only went a couple pf times,didnt it have a heart shaped balcony and did the djs used to have the decks up there?
  7. yep these lads no their stuff,they even played a tune 2 of us hadnt heard before-otis clay 'baby jane'.quality!
  8. there are youngsters coming into the scene in drips and drabs,the film may provide a much needed injection of youthfull blood,casper is spot on in his posts,can i say stop knocking them for wanting to wear retro-who are we to criticise?.most of us wore retro at some point-yes even the 70s fashion got its influence from other era's.some of these kids are mods,skins,suedeheads,40s,rockabilly,aswell as trad soulies,it makes the scene far more interesting with them in it wearing their clothes,than a room full of primark or next manikins.
  9. what the feck happened to mr gibbons???? i last saw him at an allnighter in horwich back in the ealy 90s not seen him since
  10. funny as fook
  11. think the ritz in manchester is soon gonna be a contender for this unfortunate title soon!.carlton in morcambe shrunk for a medium sized venue over the few years it was open as an allnighter venue and the carlton club in warrington had a tiny tiled dance floor
  12. funny that ive come across a couple of real arseholes on the scene recently myself,both women aswell! like yourself-ive been on the scene since 81 and always thought the soul scene was unique in the fact every 1 tried 2 like each other and get on-but my illusion was shattered recently by 2 certain ladies who are basically nasty bits of work,and shall say no more about them or hint at who they are.but i will say come next spring they will become more renouned due to a certain event.good luck and bon voyage
  13. i appologise for being personal good sir,it wasnt ment to be,as my writing style is probably interprited that way dance classes hmmmm now theres a subject,i think very few should teach it as yes i believe you will turn out carbon copies-but on the other hand i have been involved with 'guidence' for the forth coming film.as have others ie sammy,tommo,paul sardot.keb.sue and casper,and i didnt teach as such but polished certain aspects of the dancers,that is to say showed them some basics and then allowed them to interprit what was shown so as to develop their own styles.also gave advice as to what looked good and what worked and what didnt.i was careful not to allow my style and moves to be replicated(which was hard)
  14. ooh and i forgot 2 say that jordan styled himself on tall paul-how do i know? the lad told me

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