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  1. All Records are VG+/Ex Big Maybelle - That's a pretty good love / Candy - savoy £50 McKinley Mitchell - No Love ex copy of this on Todlin' town £40 Deloris Ealy and Kenyattas Come into my bedroom £45 Sometime beats no time / Bundle up and go ~ SALEM £45 http://www.sirshambl...les_mcnair.html Jackie Verdell - Hush £35 Skip Easterling - Keep The Fire Burning £50 water damage to label but vinyl is fine ANIMAL SHOW BAND - Tell daddy. £30 http://www.groovecol...-mod-funk-.html Ricardo Ray - Nitty Gritty £25 PM if Interested or post here..
  2. It's none of those and although it has the same rhythm and essence of "new orleans" that is not the title of this track either. I was going to keep the identity closed for whoever was interested to disclose. As I said it is un-google'able and shows up on no searches.
  3. I tried to find out about this record online but never found anything on it at all, no plays or lists of the artist on the label.. Listen to the sound clip and let me know if your interested with an offer. parts 1 + 2 on the clip The 45 is in EX condition. Sound 1.mp3
  4. CHET DAVENPORT AND TRAFFIC JAM A - TRAFFIC JAM B - I CANT GET OVER YOU TOEHOLT RECORDS M- £120 Double sided 45 with one side 70s Uptempo Funk that Ian Wright plays, the other side is a funky Crossover over soul number, emotive and fantastic. On Popsike for $250 twice this year already so a bargain here.
  5. EX stock copy of this, starting to get plays £25 free uk postage.. Both sides are great http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fZoJDdYBUS0
  6. All Have Youtube clips if you do not know them Sons Of The Kingdom - Modernization £140 NM .. Hard to find THE ENDEAVOURS - I know you don't want me £30 NM hard soul with a fantastic ballad flip Lilian Hale - Don't boom boom ... £20 NM Fantastic up-tempo sister soul/funk. Linda Hopkins & Jackie Wilson - say I do... £15 VG+ R&B monster. ROY LEE JOHNSON - boogaloo #3 £20 ... NM R&B monster. McKinley Mitchell - no love £30 ... EX Fantastic R&B DELORIS EALY - Come into my bedroom £40 NM Hard R*B for the dance floor,. Four Seasons - Beggin' £20 VG+ ANDRE ODOM -Turn On Your Love Light EX £40 northern /new breed r&b dancer still quite unknown DON GARDNER - MY BABY LIKES TO BOOGALOO VG+ £30 Paypal as gift please and Free Uk Postage Pm to reserve and payment in 1 day please Thanks
  7. DON GARDNER - MY BABY LIKES TO BOOGALOO VG+ £30 As paypal gift please
  8. ANDRE ODOM Turn On Your Love Light [NATION 13, US] EX £40 POUNDING and still widely unknown northern soul / new breed r&b dancer on the legendary Nation label. Extremely gritty stuff. Have a listen below if you don't know this! Always fills the dancefloor. In stunning condition! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PATRICIA DENSON & SOUL ExpressionS I THOUGHT I HEARD YOU MOAN (ACHILLEAN) Spine tingling Deep with a beat. Moody & classy. EX £40 http://www.divshare.com/download/15688781-f0a
  9. It's a classic VG+ £20
  10. ALL "45s are in vg+ to EX offers welcome Eddy Jacobs Exchange - pull my coat promo £60 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YqiwtSMNDqI THE ENDEAVOURS - I know you don't want me £30 amazing hard soul / funk backed with a killer ballad MARLBORO MEN - Cute Mama £30 Soul/Funk with great movements, hard to find DELORIS EALY - Come into my bedroom £40 Hard R*B for the dance floor,.. http://delores-ealy-and-the-kenyaettes-come-int-mp3-download.kohit.net/_/173591 McKinley Mitchell - no love £30 Fantastic R&B ROY LEE JOHNSON - boogaloo #3 £25 Essential blistering boogaloo mover for the dancefloor http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5hg4zcQnmA BIG ELLA - how long can I keep hanging on £25 Hard to find deep soul from her.. LEVERT ALLISON - chase the sun boy £25 Great funk/soul crossover 60's style,. LILLIAN HALE - don't boom boom £20 Fantastic up-tempo sister soul/funk. LUNAR FUNK - slip the drummer one //space monster £20 First rate 70's funk FRANK D'RONE - think I will £30 Very hard to find soul / funk with a hint of R&B that builds. ANIMAL SHOW BAND - tell daddy £25 Fantastic rare male response to "TELL MAMA" just as big sounding but male vocal. LINDA HOPKINS & JACKIE WILSON - say I do £20 R&B monster. OTIS GOODWIN - I feel it just a little bit £20 Uptempo monster http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uj7sbMzQfrM THE MALIBUS - strong love £25 Northern winner, top class dancer with claps and high pulsating vocal building Spencer Davis Group cover! LEE MOSES - she's a bad girl £25 He delivers an emotional hard soul/funk winner for the dancefloor backed with a deep ballad. IRENE REID - dirty old man £20 Great version of this track more funky than R&B with energy and an amazing bassline . KIM TOLLIVER - get a little soul £20 Fantastic uptempo sister soul dancer with all the elements in the right place, essential http://www..co.uk/images/sounds/KIM%20TOLLIVER%20%20GET%20A%20LITTLE%20SOUL%20%20SURE-SHOT.mp3 RUTH BROWN - try me and see £20 top draw from her as you would expect but a surprising up-tempo soul stormer here. GLORIA TAYLOR - born a woman £10 Sister soul at its best here on a classic king soul 45, great drums and infectious bass
  11. I have a VG+ of this storming monster. £30 as a gift please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnM2c9jQf5I
  12. Iron Knowledge - show-stopper // Oh love EX copy of this DOUBLE SIDER on TAMMY out of ohio. Show-stopper is the heavy side with immense beats and fuzzed out guitars and it's backed with one of the best Ballads on 45. £65
  13. Well don't Danilo.. simple
  14. Limited SAVOY Exact copy deep red silver Writing.. no added text or alterations from the original release.
  15. Yes, Sorry was meant to be in "original label design"

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