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  1. stainless steve

    Soul Weekender

    Photos from Soulvation Weekender February 2016
  2. stainless steve

    Soulvation August 28 - 30 2015

    Soulvation ¬Grand Pier Weston Super Mare August 28 - 30th 2015 Fantastic Weekend! :-D
  3. stainless steve

    various allnighters.(1)

  4. stainless steve

    Red Nose Day

    Aww you 'old softie you' .. Agree with you though I used to be always bawling when I watched that, harrowing and upsetting . Forget the cucumber slices though Spot try cold spoons..although you've got to put em' in't freezer first . Love 2u both K&S
  5. I did not go to Prestatyn but my hubby did and he has just called me to tell me how good 'His Hero' Mitch Ryder was. He says he was note perfect and seeing him live was something he wouldn't have missed for the world. In his words 'Mitch' you did us proud you were absolutely brilliant'. From Karen on behalf of Steve. xx (Apologies if this is not the right place to start a new thread..I don't often write on SoulSource so If I've cocked up please forgive me )
  6. stainless steve

    Back end of 2014 ¬ October

    Keighley civic centre. October 25th 2014
  7. stainless steve

    Happy Birthday Andy Mccabe

    Happy Birthday M8..Have a gud un' Steve&Kaz. x
  8. stainless steve


    Excellent night well done Sam and all concerned with this venue.. Great way to celebrate my 50th and was enjoyed immensely by myself, Steve and our good friends who were there with us. Once again many thanx Sam. love from Kaz & Steve :-) xx
  9. stainless steve

    2012 Various Allnighters

  10. stainless steve

    Bidds 2011


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