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  1. Des Crombie

    Beach Ballroom Aberdeen

    Aberdeen Soul Club - Beach Ballroom 7pm to 6am Scotlands Only Allnighter Stunning venue, sprung maple dancefloor.
  2. Des Crombie

    Des Crombie

  3. Des Crombie

    Aberdeen Soul Club - Holburn Bar

    Thanks Martin :-) Cheers Andy, appreciate your comment :-)
  4. Des Crombie

    Aberdeen Soul Club - Holburn Bar

    Here is my playlist for Aberdeen Soul Club - The Holburn Bar, Aberdeen, Sat 27th Jan 2016. 10pm to 11am. Was a fab and well attended night, with fellow residents playing top across the board sounds.... :-) Wade Flemons - Jeanette (Ramsel) Two People - Stop Leave My Heart Alone (Revue) Soul Incorporated - My Proposal (Coconut Groove) Mello Souls - We Can Make It (Mello) The Salvadors - Stick By Me Baby (Wise World) Joey..
  5. Here is my playlist from Beach Ballroom Allnighter - Aberdeen Soul Club, 31st Oct to 1st Nov 2015. Absolutely Wonderful Night with a Great Atmosphere, Busy Bouncy Dancefloor all night. Really enjoyed it, thanks to All who supported this night, hope to see you again next year :-) All the DJs (Guests Mick H, Ian Mac, Allan Jenkins plus ASC residents) in my option played fantastic music all night, with a good mix of styles, th..
  6. Des Crombie

    Lost Record Boxes, Collection Thefts & GPS Tracking

    No problem Jim, I have mine cut into the soft foam in the lid of my record box but it is about half an inch in depth so it may not fit some boxes in the same way. As its not bolted onto the lid I also move it to other record boxes if I use them out and about too. I just take a few less records and put it in a record mailer then place the mailer in my box. Someone needs to invent one that's fits into 45 centre hole.
  7. Des Crombie

    Lost Record Boxes, Collection Thefts & GPS Tracking

    Jim, I've had a GPS tracker fitted inside the lid of my main playbox for at least two years now. It comes with a SIM card and a phone number. If I send it a text it sends back its location which you can view on a smartphone Google map. I can also set up a perimeter so if the box goes outside this area then the device sends me a text with its location. It comes with two rechargable batteries and the SIM card.
  8. Des Crombie

    Rodd Keith - Like The Lord Said

    Rodd Keith "Don't you tempt me", same backing as Lord an Gloria...
  9. Des Crombie

    [Rs] rodd keith - don't you tempt me

    Ok made a youtube link, working now..
  10. Des Crombie

    [Rs] rodd keith - don't you tempt me

    Title: rodd keith - don't you tempt me Artist: rodd keith Track: don't you tempt me Label: preview 1245 usa Record information: Same backing as Lord and Gloria
  11. Des Crombie

    Rodd Keith - Like The Lord Said

    "You're leaving me" has the same backing as Pig and is my favourite Rodd Keith track, that I have heard, hence it's usually in my playbox. While "Gloria" and "Like the lord said" are good I prefer the earlier "Don't you tempt me" version. Could be wrong but appears to be just as rare as Lord too. If I get a chance will post a sound clip.
  12. Des Crombie

    New Member

    Welcome aboard Duce, see you at Peebles.
  13. Des Crombie

    Various Musings On The Salvadors

    Sorry I've came to this thread a bit late but I'm not convinced about the darker labels. Mine has labels that are as dark and bright silver text as the one shown on auction. In fact it sounds very similar to how Pottsy describes his copy with fairly thick vinyl too. I'd have to see two side by side. The two pimples (I can confirm they are pimples and not dimples) suggests that one of the stampers was flawed. So if you believe t..
  14. Here is what I played at New Century Soul, Radcliffe Allnighter, Manchester (main room). Not sure if order is totally correct but close enough. Had a blast and thanks to everyone there who made me feel welcome, from promoters, fellow DJs, but especially the dancers. My other Scottish team mates Charlie, Ray & Jack, were fantastic. Great trip apart from airport security making me take all the records out of my box ..
  15. Des Crombie

    Jobete/motown Acetates

    Spot on Chalky, Marv Johnson it is. Goes to show don't believe "unreleased" written on a record sleeve. So it was released on United Artists. Although this acetate sounds like a slightly different take, difficult to tell, but my ears the backing singers less upfront. Was given this acetate many years back with a few others as part of a swap, mostly sat in a box gathering dust since. Never really looked into it until today when I thou..