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    Jamaican and American Music of 60s and 70s. Cinema and politics.
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  1. themroc

    100 Club

    No matter how many times I hear this its always 'the right time the right place'.
  2. Here's the rub. I've been collecting Impressions tunes and here are 6 that I've upgraded. Everyone of them play through only one has noticeable crackle n pop. I don't need the money but can't bring myself to bin them, so, £30 all in I'll cover the postage.
  3. themroc

    Discogs 30 High Flyers February 2018

    Fair play mate. I'm not critical of anyone one this site I'm just astounded that this music, which is 'insightment to racist hatred' is allowed to be sold on Discogs . I marched and shut down a shop in South London for selling 'BBQ in Rostok' and other far ri...
  4. themroc

    Discogs 30 High Flyers February 2018

    Can't believe Discogs alow such rancid filth on their site???
  5. themroc

    Discogs 30 High Flyers February 2018

    Jesus the fuckin right wing Nazi shite fetching big money bastard babyboomer, hope they burn in their own vinyl.
  6. themroc

    Pretty Girl seeks other versions?

    Last one sold on Discogs for £191. Even if its a minter that's still a huge hike. Have mercy its end of days!!
  7. themroc

    Pretty Girl seeks other versions?

    Like my Mum always said "You got champagne taste and beer money"
  8. themroc

    Pretty Girl seeks other versions?

    JEEEEZ!! £3,500 On Discogs!!!
  9. themroc

    Pretty Girl seeks other versions?

    WOW! Cheers Brother Stone cold killer.
  10. Just got an LP by Tony Gregory with this tune 'Pretty Girl pon it. Now this tune must have a earlier cuts? If anyone has any information I would be most obliged. Its fair doing me head in!! I thank ya'll, Nick.
  11. themroc

    Most inappropriate request to a DJ....

    "Oi mate got any white music?" Thought about it... "No!"
  12. themroc

    Source Daily Ebay Look Forward 13 Apr 2018

    Can I just say how great this thread is. I appreciate that it must take effort to compile but saves me a lot of time. Thanks.
  13. Also came on Smash label.
  14. themroc

    New stylus addiction!

    Use Ortofon concord Pro and when I put a new'n it sounds so good. I'm now replacing them every 3 month, which is a tenner a month. Back in the day when I used Sure I never really noticed. Anyone else think the shelf life is shorter? And maybe deliberately?

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