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  1. those "sad" records you play late at night

    https://youtu.be/bVsoH1P1TEM The Don.
  2. those "sad" records you play late at night

    When The Lights are Low pure Jamaican soul courtesy of Duke Reid.
  3. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Hate to state the obvious but your technically dead if this don't have you in tears.
  4. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Trinidads finest.
  5. Vietnam Documentary BBC

    If you have been watching this series what's your opinion? I'm completely absorbed by the even handed approach by the filmmakers. Without getting to polemical it really gives a human and emotional side of a tragic story told by both sides of a conflict that ...
  6. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Even live you can't deny the power of this tune!
  7. those "sad" records you play late at night

    My partner always walks in and tells me "Will you stop playing tunes at me"
  8. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Wrist slasher par excellence.
  9. those "sad" records you play late at night

    Pure heartbreaker!
  10. Toronto visit!

    Wrong topic Duh!!!
  11. The soul of Sue - Volume 3 has the track you want and its on Kent, which is the label of connesuers and aged anoraks. Because it's unreleased and on Kent (so you know that the royalties have been paid) I can see know reason why you shouldn't buy the CD and cu...
  12. The first version of What Did You Tell... Was in fact unreleased on vinyl but is available on CD. Shame cause it's a killer version. The second version on Sue was originally on Backbeat and is not an expensive tune. Don't know why the YouTube picture is of th...
  13. 100 Club Allnighter

    Cheers for the play list Geoff. Remember Ady playing The Entertainer, cracking tune and I ain't never eard it before being relatively new to the scene. Just got a copy of discogs for a tenner, result!! This is why I love the 6ts so much it don't have to be a £1000 tune to light your night but is always an education. Keep doing that voodoo that you do so well. Nick.
  14. A beautiful human being and degrees of separation.
  15. Well I suppose you could be right? After all James Brown did endorse Nixson.