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    Nick Bridgford
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    Jamaican and American Music of 60s and 70s. Cinema and politics.
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    southend on sea
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    ray and the blue satins - she doesn't love me

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  1. MY F'KIN DAYS!!! New recordings of John Coltrane show up. Sonny Rollins recons it's like a new room being discovered in the Great Pyramid. Any news keep us posted
  2. Great tune prefer the Lou Rawls.. That reminds me "Loo Rolls".. I thank Y'all.
  3. Well I guess a slab sandwich needs a filling...
  4. Hero, giant, socialist and beautiful man... Then watched this film, again, last night and was beside myself... From a true believer in LOVE
  5. Gotta love Mr Bey you just can't pin him down Already posted River Man, written by Nick drake, but this one recorded with his sisters really shows his vocal range.
  6. Saint James Infirmary. The darkest and best version, suck your thumb and get Mr Blanky out
  7. My eldest son turned me onto this fellas music a few years back..absolutely lovely stuff it is too From the Preacher to the Teacher
  8. Any cooler and that fucker would freeze!
  9. That's a big fuckin word brother and one of me favourite . Let's talk German semantics it far more interesting than football. Phenomenology, it's a hot potato. They think it's over no its not... Pickles the dog.....
  10. Hey. I know what's said about the Beatles but I will forget it all because they gave us this...
  11. And if you like that sorta thing...

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