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    Interests  include.  Photography.  Match fishing.  

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    Ste Smith
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    Match Fishing. Photography
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    Manchester. Ex Widnes
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    All Williams. I who am nothing. Sam & kitty. I've got something good

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  1. Pete, Good game for the neutral like myself mate
  2. I,m the only one at the party, doesnt seem to be anyone else logged on with Radioking
  3. Well people. Thats me Lurking until the early hours at least.
  4. As long as its only at the council house mate. Turn the dippers over . Yeah I watched the challenge Cup . That Fijian is huge like you say. Love rugby league mate, well you have to coming from Widnes . Is the requests in order from the people that request them or is it random running order Later my friend
  5. You know the area the well then Neil. . Yeah guess I'm pretty local to just about everything soul wise , apart from the 100 club nothing is more than 2 hours away. Which I'm still prepared to drive for a dose of soul Used to love Morecambe nighters at both the Pier and the Carlton club. Still have a few good friends up there.
  6. Happy birthday Tom. . Enjoy your weekend Martin. Hope you have a great time with the triplets ( omg ) . Ste. X
  7. Thanks Neil. ☺. Rivington pike just outside Manchester is a very popular place especially when the weather is good, like this morning. The views are amazing from the top. Lake District to the north, Snowdonia this morning and the Great orme at Llandudno, the whole of the Cheshire plain. At 8.30am there was walkers, runners, mountain bikers, dog walkers a plenty and I was on the quiet side, there's very limited car parking -possibly 30 cars . Whereas the busy side has parking for 100,s.
  8. Sunrise on Rivington Pike. I went looking for the five Ring Ouzel that are there at the moment, No joy for me but two other birders managed a quick sighting before they flew off, Meadow Pipit all fluffed up against the cold this morning at 6am
  9. Think Roger Banks could really contribute to this amazing list . Love the Oliver sleeve . Wand in it's various stages is another example
  10. Pete. Guitar Ray already requested mate. Lorraine. love Lee Bates. Tune.
  11. This is shaping up to be another amazing night of soul music. Can't wait for Saturday night. BVAN the standard that others struggle to follow
  12. Four more it is then. Syndicates. Step on the gas. Detroit Emeralds. Never had a love like this before. Five Stairsteps. Play girls love. Gene Barbour &the Cavaliers. I need a love. Please
  13. Proud Grandad. Great pictures my friend, not that I expect anything less from you.
  14. Good evening people. My three if possible and always really appreciated when you play my various choice of tunes. The Visitors. I'm in Danger Hot Chocolate. We had a true love. Wizdom. I'm so in love with you. Thank you
  15. Thanks for posting as always ☺ Paulette. Love you baby. Always liked it. Never known how much it was worth. Sparkles. Never in a million years is it worth that, sure there was one on here recently for £700 ish maybe £750 Joe Simon. £172 . Mad, mad world. Linda Lyndell. £192. As above Stark raving mad. But hey what do I know Ste

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