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    Interests  include.  Photography.  Match fishing.  

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  1. Louise. She definitely takes after you , that's the sort of reply that you would give. ( I would have something else ) love it. X
  2. That's so sad Kev. He was a lovely man Sleeping well my friend. .
  3. differance There,s a difference of 19 if my maths are correct Mrs I hope you didn't drive at 70mph where they,re turning them into smart motorways it,s a 50mph limit. Will you be needing a chauffeur any time soon
  4. Male Blackbird portrait. Is there anything that says springtime in the UK more than the sound of a Blackbird, wish i could add the song
  5. Len. That brought a lump to my throat but don.t tell anyone. That,s amazing and the Bakers should be named and congratulated on their humanity if that,s the right wording. Thanks for sharing it mate. Stay safe
  6. Would love to see a hedgehog mate especially in the garden.
  7. Great pictures mate. There was a Swallow reported a few miles away from me yesterday on the Manchester birding forum, but ive not seen any yet. Great to hear that Willow Warblers are not just in my garden . I would be down that lane late evening / early morning to see what is out and about
  8. Thanks Mike. Can't believe what I'm getting in the garden, Getting a pair of Goldcrest but no pictures yet. Considering that I only live a few miles away from Manchester city centre, and on a busy little road, even now and it's a end of terrace house.
  9. Female Greater Spotted Woodpecker. My little back garden just keeps on giving, Steve
  10. Five hours. Washed. Waxed and gloss polish finished.
  11. Just uploaded details of Chico,s funeral for everyone. See one of my earlier posts for details
  12. Betws-y-Coed is on my list to revisit once these sanctions are lifted, not been since end of January, try to get there every few months ..Can't wait to return , worth the 200 miles round trip from Manchester Steve
  13. I'm in week three out of twelve. Even I feel sorry for me. . Just going out to wash and wax the car. Wax on. Wax off . Even going to rain-ex the windows, so I'm ready for the lifting of the isolation, whenever that will be
  14. Just revisiting this thread. Many years ago I bought the blue modern vocal / instrumental record as a original and played both sides out as such. I have never knowingly played a bootleg as a DJ and I would never do so. Old school way or the proper way, it's the only way.

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