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  • Birthday 27/01/1959

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    Ste Smith
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    Match Fishing. Photography
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    Manchester. Ex Widnes
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    All Williams. I who am nothing. Sam & kitty. I've got something good

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  1. Winsford Soul

    Kenni Lewis

    Vaguely remember the record getting played by a certain DJ on a local radio stations soul show and half way through the record you could plainly here Richards voice which is common place to do on such rare records to stop the bootleggers. The said DJ had simply recorded Richards show and played the track on live radio. Without editing. He was asked to leave and not return Steve
  2. Winsford Soul

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    Sounds like a plan Steve
  3. Winsford Soul

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    YMCA. Is his normal request Steve
  4. Winsford Soul

    what is it good for

    Vietnam specific but relevant to all war's Steve
  5. Winsford Soul

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    Marcelle. I want paying in kind again. Private joke. Before anyone gets the wrong idea . Steve
  6. Winsford Soul

    what is it good for

    Tears , gut wrenching emotion . I think this is the greatest war song ever and should be played for all the fallen who fell on foreign soil. Least we forget The Dells at there very best Steve
  7. Winsford Soul

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    Mello souls
  8. Winsford Soul

    Gobbing Snotting And Diving

    Referees haven't got the bottle to send players off for diving. All cheating bastards. Every team including my own. Did anyone see the city player who tripped over in the penalty area and got a penalty for it. Why didn't he say to the referee that he had tripped up and no opposition player made contact . No he kept his cheating mouth shut. Not that they needed the goal, already 5. 0 up . Its a joke. Steve
  9. Winsford Soul

    Most Scary Allnighter back in the 70s

    It's scary to think that back in 1975 when I first went to the Casino that 43 years later I'm still going to nighters . Where the fcuk has the time gone. Steve
  10. Winsford Soul

    tv adverts that really wind you up!? What's Yours

    F,in Christmas advertising . Keep it in December . Bah humbug Steve
  11. Winsford Soul

    ebay - look forward to the next 24 hours page

    Brilliant addition to the forum Mike. Love checking out the records and prices and been amazed at the end price Steve
  12. Winsford Soul

    Richard searling book

    The paper back is available off Tim Brown brand new for about £25 doubt anyone selling their signed copy. Good luck Steve
  13. Winsford Soul

    Amusing Car Stickers

    That's right Derek. Wigan mixed grill is . Meat and potato pie. Meat pie and a pastie or sausage roll Steve
  14. Good man. Unfortunately I can't make it. Out Saturday night at Willington. Have a great time Steve
  15. Winsford Soul

    New Century Soul Club Manchester All-Nighter

    I know. I know. Keeping taking the tablets. Oops I do that's what makes me excited in the first place Steve


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