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  1. Not sure if this is the correct forum for this. Mods please move to appropriate one if needed
  2. Chuffed to bits today after managing to photograph a Siskin in the garden. Only the second time in 18 years of living here that i,ve seen one in the garden
  3. Pembrokeshire murders. Mon Tues and Wed this week. Based on a true story. Currently waiting on delivery of the book. The Pembrokeshire murders. Catching the bullseye killer Particularly enjoyable for me because I can relate to the area it was filmed.
  4. until

    Will be attending the loop nighter . For a change
  5. Chris. You and I both know that John gets prices far more than the REAL value of the records for whatever reason that is. and no one on here will convince me otherwise fortunately the majority of soulies know this and sell and buy at reasonable prices. There's always the odd one that will try it on as can be seen on here occasionally, records for sale week in and week out that are more than double the real world prices . I can't see anything on this list that is actually a rare record worthy of a auction but someone with more money than sense has.
  6. Wade Flemons must be the most overpriced and over rated record ever Skill snaps finally starting to come back down to earth on its price. still needs another £100 off it though Ruben Howell. How much. Love the Arabians but not sure its worth the end price would have thought £300 - £400 All my humble opinion of course but hey what do I know Ste
  7. https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/uk_neonics_loc/?cNyaBmb Please sign this petition to help safeguard the future of Bee,s
  8. First post from me for this year,s 2021 thread Female Woodpecker portrait and a Lesser Redpoll
  9. Just been re visiting this thread. No one has mentioned the August Bank Holiday nighter when we used to queue up as the strange and wonderful attendees of the Manchester pride weekend would go walking passed with some of the most amazing costumes and make up that has been seen. Occasionally one or two of them would join us at the ritz , really was surreal to see a 6ft guy dancing with perfect make up that would put super models to shame. Mad times
  10. I had travelled for nearly 30 hours on a coach from Manchester to Barcelona with broken air con and Spain is a hot country at the end of May and I had to leave the camp nou while the team was still in front of us with the European cup so we didn't miss the 30 hour coach trip home . Apart from my son being born it was the greatest night of my entire life ❤ I wouldn't have missed it for anything, would have walked there. Talking of it was meant to be. It was actually Sir Matt Busby birthday that night. Looking back with sadness because Mark Clugston who i travelled with has since passed aw
  11. Definitely Rob. Just wish that I could have been there, not quite the same on the telly especially with no crowds. Got the warm up with them on Sunday in the league. PS. Looks like the foxes will be in round 6 mate.
  12. Got the bin dippers at home. Looking forward to beating them as a birthday treat again. We played them back in 1999 in the 4 th round on my 40th birthday the year we won the holy grail of trebles culminating in Barcelona on the 26th May. A night that will live with me forever

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