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    Interests  include.  Photography.  Match fishing.  

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  1. Just Googled it myself mate. Definitely Ichneumon wasp. Thanks again
  2. Thanks Dave. Lou actually Googled the picture and told me what it was.
  3. Tonights sunset made everything in the garden appear tinged with pink.
  4. until

    The only difference i see on a weekly basis is Saturday night and BVAN. With not working at the moment every day is just like the previous one. BVAN is really keeping me sane - ish, even the camera opportunities are limited at the moment so roll on Saturday night.
  5. Those that i saw on Saturday morning here in Manchester where probably the last until next year Possible could still see a few out and about further afield though still optimistic
  6. Mick. Trust your well and safe. I personally think that venue's will be open before Christmas. If that's not going to happen then I can see the scene going underground and going the way the illegal rave scene did in the 80,s . I would definitely be up for that. But I can just see all the head shaking going on with all the people who have deemed themselves above all the illegal stuff.
  7. Roger. Have a fantastic day and let the lovely Jen spoil you as normal mate. Be good Love Steve and Lou. XX
  8. until

    Simple solution mate. Sell it like I did.
  9. until

    Linda Jones. I'm so glad. Stang Mary Love. Lay this burden down. Modern Please Sir Simon
  10. John hope you have a great day mate and you get spoilt big time. Missed big chunks of last nights BVAN and the banter with the fellow creatures of the night. Take it easy mate. love Ste n Lou. XX
  11. until

    Just got back on line, missed the last two hours. Gutted
  12. until

    Bit late but many thanks for playing my requests I,m still here and lurking but i cant get a word edge ways either talking or typing with Rob
  13. 13 screeching Swift over high headed South Andy . My mate put 2 Swift boxes up and house sparrows moved in. We also get plenty of bats about most evenings but I'm not sure what species , Bat detection gear is way too expensive for casual use so I never bothered and unfortunately there's no App available to help . I say there's no app available which is a lie the app available is to enable the plug in bat detection meter to work with your phone. The plug in detection unit is £200.

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