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  1. Cheers Mike. As i dont do any serious hill walking these days ( asthma ) , the only thing i can add is as you say limited signal/ coverage for normal phones is a problem , not sure how these smart watches work ? plenty of people have them these days. Serious walkers use GPS systems these days, not cheap but what price a life. where as i along side many people our age never had that luxury and learnt to use a map and compass to get around
  2. Definitely the smell of Brut , the go to deodorant/ aftershave. The slight smell of dampness especially if you where in early , always a warm humid smell when you went back in after been outside for any length of time. smoke droppings from the ceiling was the killer on decent shirts.
  3. Thank you for posting as always my friend. Not a lot to comment about this week.Don't know probably half of them I don't think May change my mind later
  4. Excuse me Kev. But when have you and few words ever been put in the same sentence before . Trust your keeping safe and well mate
  5. Oh no not him again . He was there in Feb or something. Getting bit regular this tell him
  6. Just had my first ever view of a Rose Ringed necked parakeet over my Manchester garden.
  7. That's so true. I know a ex DJ, who shall remain nameless. who had a lot of the big hitters in the 90 s but didn't have the likes of what you mentioned. Sad really. No soul just deep pockets
  8. That's very true Dave about the travelling up hill in a car. Where do these people learn to drive. Its like when your walking on a road with no pavement always walk facing oncoming traffic. Dogs on leads etc Countryside code seems to have been lost somewhere. . Read something recently about some stupid woman complaining that her and her kids where in tears after a farmer shot their dog ( not on a lead ) in front of them that was chasing sheep and lambs saying it was only playing. Are people that fcuking stupid these days.
  9. Great pictures from your lovely part of the country Dave. Little tip mate. Always carry a good torch and if possible a head torch when out on the fells , hills etc plus a whistle. You never know. Learnt that many years ago doing my Duke of Edinburgh when we got lost on the moors above Denbigh in North Wales
  10. Sad state of affairs. Most working class people grew up on council estates with plenty of pubs to choose from plus in Widnes all the chemical factories had their own social clubs then there was the local Labour club to get a beer between 3pm / 5 pm when the pubs where actually closed. But since thatcher ( the witch ) closed all the factories and the associated social clubs no one had the money to go pubs which in my eyes was the start of all this pubs closing down . Then people who had traditionally lived, worked and drunk local had to start travelling to find or for work which meant th
  11. I will be late to the party on Saturday, probably going to miss the request hour and some. Down in the shires again but Lou don't finish work until 5pm so will be travelling. Don't enjoy yourselves too much without me
  12. Frankie. 2nd pillar from the front right hand side looking towards the stage was OK. I really can't remember how loud it was
  13. Chris . I truly can't remember.. Good chance it was because the speakers where up on the stage which was quite high so the sound would be slightly over your head. Never spent that much time on the balcony to tell if it was louder up there. Do remember that you could always have a chat without too much trouble Ste
  14. Mal. Great picture mate. You can stay on the island as a sort of religious retreat. Not sure for how long or what the conditions are but definitely worth looking into. It's such a special place. There's still people who live on the island apart from the Monks. What a privilege that must be. Can't wait to return in October
  15. Nice one. Wish I could do it . Asthma wouldn't let me . Would probably have to stay over night get there . Lol. Yeah Thomas and his mates do it regularly. They love it but all only in their twenties . They actually rescued a American climber from the Crib a few years ago. A big storm just appeared and they had to climb down the crib because it was far too dangerous to cross and they found a lost and struggling climber who they got down to safety

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