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    Interests  include.  Photography.  Match fishing.  

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    Ste Smith
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    Match Fishing. Photography
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    Manchester. Ex Widnes
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    All Williams. I who am nothing. Sam & kitty. I've got something good

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  1. Winsford Soul


    Is that a proposal Dave. Thought it was the person asking who supplied the diamond when they proposed Steve
  2. Would love to see her but not going down to london, if there was a show up in the North I would be there without a doubt Steve
  3. Say hello to Rod Looker for me please mate
  4. Well said that man. Suited and booted is the order of the night, my own little way of showing respect to Dave Ford because I can't make his funeral due to a holiday and Dave was always suited Steve
  5. Good evening Sir. Trust you are well and safe. Say hello to the lovely people of my home town of Widnes. Hope you enjoy it mate, nice little club. Widnes isn't like it used to be it's all fluffy now. Steve
  6. Happy birthday Sandra. Hope you have a lovely day. Steve. X
  7. Reasons to bail out mate. I can't wait to move out of Manchester ( my neighbourhood used to be ok, clean and quite) the last probably 10 years have seen it decline big time, I'm not going to bother citing the main reasons because I will get called a racist, fascist so and so. by people who dont know. .I'm lucky enough to be in a position where I can escape to somewhere still unspoilt. Good luck with the campaign mate. Steve
  8. It did sound like that reading it back. I don't know what the solution is Mike. There's no escaping from it, even on the mountains or fells, sit down to have a brew and someone has pushed some food or energy bar wrapper in the grass, under a rock . Last year I was down on a more remote area of the Gower I scrambled down the rocks to a grass bank just above the tide line to have lunch and between the rocks was mars bar and kit Kat wrappers. Not real. How do you educate these people
  9. Mike. You can only blame the parents of today's snowflake generation for not teaching there little shits respect for the countryside and there environment regarding litter, throwing McDonald's detritus etc from the cars, dropping it on the floor etc. Council busybodies fining old people who accidentally drop some pastry crumbs off the Gregg pasty that they're eating when a knob drops a burger wrapper next to a overflowing bin then tells the wardens to f off when they pull them up. Steve
  10. Shoes are ironed and the suit is polished ready for Saturday night. . All excited Steve
  11. Seen that happen with a Freddie Chevez only the seller wasn't told because no one liked him.
  12. Been there my friend. Sometimes just shutting the door on the world does you the world of good, you time, thinking what if , what now, why this, why that. Going through every emotion, crying, sadness smiling when you look back at the good times, Its your journey my friend but your never alone. Steve

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