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  • Birthday 27/01/1959

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    Interests  include.  Photography.  Match fishing.  

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    Ste Smith
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    Match Fishing. Photography
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    Manchester. Ex Widnes
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    All Williams. I who am nothing. Sam & kitty. I've got something good

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  1. until

    Fantastic set of Tunes Simon. We,re in debt to you and Pete C for the amazing work you do week in week out
  2. until

    Thanks Len. Take a bow my friend. Even though you told the clown story twice. Was that for the benefit of those not listening the first time.
  3. Rob. Is there any plans to do these in black ? Ste
  4. until

    Karl. Whats the track you have just played after Peabo Bryson ?
  5. Hopefully it will orbit over UK tonight while i,m listening to the virtual nighter. Camera is ready
  6. until

    Class Wilxy. Loved it mate
  7. Ali. I will show you next time we get to meet up . X
  8. They,re mine. i saw them first but didnt let on because i was going back for them later
  9. Soul source has always been better than the BBC
  10. They can help in writing a book Johnny. Make em into paper.
  11. Mrs Big bird 5ft 7 1/2 " You will never fit in that bath as big as it is and those towels will never dry you !!!
  12. Brilliant video. Thanks for sharing it mate
  13. until

    What a start to the dayer. Cover girl at moment. Love it Afternoon everyone.
  14. I'm with you Andy. Get them in the garden occasionally but no pictures yet.

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