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  1. Chelsea win to piss on there chips would be nice. Saints beat the dippers and good day would be had apart from Leeds winning . Still can't have everything
  2. I have just learnt that I will be in the shires next Saturday evening / night / Sunday so not sure how much I will be taking part but I will definitely be lurking and at some point probably later on in the night taking part in the festival of Motown
  3. Great recordings Andy. Looks like only 3 cubs have made it this far because from my experience they will be all out together at that age and as for the lack of adults it's baffling mate but the cubs look healthy and fed enough so maybe they are getting looked after by camera shy adults.
  4. Nice record in my humble opinion. Of the moment and we all know that you had to be there. But the soul police who where not there and where thinking of growing up to go to Stafford would certainly have something to say
  5. Looking like I've jumped on this Leicester thread again. I feel your frustration and we have all been through it. And come out the other side smiling . So come on down and join back in There is one massive consolidation though. At least your not a scousers, could you imagine having to bear that as well. sorry Steve only joking mate as you know
  6. Neil. When I first saw it I was just like you, speechless and as most people that know me will tell you. That doesn't happen often
  7. I'm happy to stand aside, not a problem. Martin just a suggestion mate why don't you have the planned start end / time as original suggested and just incorporate those remaining sets into the next nighter if that's possible
  8. Ed. I wouldn't buy a record of that rarity/ price from ebay unless i personally know the seller and how reputable they are regarding the legitimaticy of the record and the circumstances. ie who was selling and why. And if I knew all that I would have probably have made them a offer before it went down the ebay route
  9. Steve. Happy Birthday mate Hope you have a wonderful day my friend and the family spoil you big time. Steve n Lou. XX
  10. Now. I'm ready
  11. After the English bluebell woodland is there anything better than a wild Garlic woodland
  12. Mum. Ive had my lunch but I,m tired now Can i get on your back and snuggle in please
  13. Looks a Nice place. Is that the dipper sat on the edge of the water where its calm.? Only on my mobile sorry. Hope you had better weather than we have had here in Manchester today. Snow and hailstones and 5 'C
  14. You can have them if we beat villa and the dippers. .
  15. I was just replying to Merves comment about always been on the Leicester thread . I actually had realised it was not the Leicester one but the United debacle one . Do I get a prize for noticing the difference . And thank you for the welcome to your thread I just normally gatecrash it
  16. Merve. Don't think anyone can call the likes of me n you glory hunters mate, we couldn't have picked a worse time to start watching United ,72 was my first season watching them as a 13 year old. We're forever jumping on the Leicester thread .
  17. This is absolutely stunning VID-20210506-WA0001.mp4
  18. How very dare you. So true my friend so true regarding liking the same things.
  19. Totally agree mate.. Something like 80% of season ticket holders have a Manchester postcode then plenty more are from Widnes Warrington, Runcorn, St Helens all within 25 miles . Not counting all the Lancashire reds, and surrounding areas and that's from someone who was born and bred in Widnes before I moved to Manchester 21 years ago so I have a good idea about local fans.
  20. . Martin when I was a dancer it wasn't for me. Just like little bit hurt, Keep on keeping on, among others mate.
  21. 4 games in 8 days for United but . Hey ho that's the way if the world. Simon Jordan , Sourness and some other guy where saying its because United are not the best team in the country now and that's what caused it all. Knob heads this has been going on since 2005 when we where not only the best team in the country, but Europe . Wish these knobs would learn about United history with the Glazers before they shout their gobs off. Glazers out.
  22. Neil. Chris would get my vote any day / night. Top man with fantastic taste in music Just played the Jimmy Ruffin track. Awesome mate
  23. Thanks Neil ☺. I get daily visits from all the common finches. Goldfinch, Greenfinch, Chaffinch and Bullfinch. Think the most numbers at anyone time are GF 16. GF 6 CF 6 and BF 9. Unfortunately not all at the same time but quite often I will have all 4 species together in small groups.
  24. Looking through the fantastic lists that have been posted I think there's only about 3 or 4 records been duplicated. Which isn't bad considering. This is going to be one special night

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