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  1. Apparently today is world otter day. Here is my contribution. It's the only half decent picture that I have ever managed of a wild otter
  2. Martyn. Here's hoping that you can have a wonderful day and for once ( according to you ) that the lovely Carol spoils you rotten . Photo graphic proof will be required lots of love and kisses Steve and Lou. XXX The love is from Lou and the kisses from me.
  3. until

    Al Kent. The way you've been acting lately. Please Simon if it's not to late
  4. Was there any dock leaves about near the nettles ? They really do work, Can't remember what it is they have, that counter acts the skins reaction to the hairs of the nettles. I've never seen a plum in a tumble dryer
  5. There's one at Pennington that used to follow people. It fell off school roof as a chick and it was raised by a lovely lady who looked after it until it could fly. She then released it at the flash where it used to get fed by the people feeding the ducks and swans, it now is a fully re wilded bird.
  6. Was the sheep called Maaark ? . Fell over into a bed of nettles are they ok ?
  7. Hello Ali. Glad to hear that your ok. All good here thank you very much. Been far to long. X
  8. Rest in peace Sue. Your not suffering anymore. Deepest sympathy to the family and close friends. Venue's won't be the same anymore without your smiling face, dancing and camera. Sleep well. Steve n Lou. X
  9. Couldn't agree more Paul. Hopefully all the DJ and promotion for mate type venues will have disappeared and we can go truly underground again with proper events for proper people who care. Hope your keeping safe and you Mick.
  10. until

    I'm tuned in for another session or lots.
  11. until

    Great Set Jordan. Thanks
  12. until

    Take a bow Mr fingers. Class mate
  13. until

    Go Johnny. Kelly Brothers. Class tune
  14. until

    Great Set of tunes Baz. Thanks mate
  15. until

    Great night again people
  16. until

    I've got a journey this evening to get me to Bury. Can't wait.
  17. until

    Morning Tom. Both Johnny and Dave go back to the 70,s on the start of this amazing journey that we all have taken so knowing them like I do , we will be in for a treat. Steve
  18. Andy. I think there's only a right or wrong way if you come from Devon or Cornwall. The rest of us don't really care do we . Nah just eat them, they look yummy
  19. until

    Massive congratulations Martin.
  20. until

    Mick. It will be very interesting as to how he writes about the guest DJ sets

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