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  1. Frank from Jamie here: Thanks a lot for the support. Watch out for our series of compilations due out in Winter/Spring of 2019!
  2. 7-day ebay sale of Paradise commercial copy of "Tell Her" b/w "We Belong Together". Would commercial copy be worth more than dj?
  3. An edited half-hour vdeo of the New York City release party mentioned above with performances by the Volcanos, Kenny Hamber, John Ellison and Winfield Parker has just been mounted on the jamguy site. http://jamguy.com/coolerthanice/
  4. To ease the supply backlog, we are lowering the price on jamguy.com of the Arctic box set to $125.00 including shipping for most of this month. It can be ordered at http://jamguy.com/coolerthanice/
  5. We don't know how they work. It seemed they objected only when the file said "mono Mix" or referred to mono, and those were for the 6 45s. We didn't hear anything back about the CDs, though a great deal of time and effort went into making mono mixes or finding the mix downs, both by Tom Moulton and Peter Humphreys at Masterworks, our mastering studio. We told our distributor they were only in mono--what happened from there we don't know.
  6. As for mono-stereo: One of the big delays in getting the box set done was to make sure they were all mono (a first for Tom Moulton, who did it with increasing enthusiasm) and original mix-down tapes where possible. Services like spotify require stereo, according to our distributor, so may not be what's on the actual CDs.
  7. Finally did get that Arctic 127, thanks John and Andy, and the Arctic box set "Cooler Than Ice" is out and available on our newly restarted website, jamguy.com; also through dusty groove and, one of these days, amazon.com. The track listing and layout of the 6 CDs and 6 45s are on the attached 4-page sales sheet and a separate image of the cover. Jamguy.com's got the background on the Combo Kings, which I've fielded a lot of questions on since they're one of the 6 45s in the boxset but not otherwise on Arctic. Their "I'm At My Best When I'm Down" b/w "The Rock," were slated to be a Frantic release that never came out. They are also noted on track sheets for numerous Barbara Mason recordings. To answer a question I saw on this thread, the Phil-LA of Soul-Miami connection came through Joey Stanzione, who headed Campus Distributors, which handled Jamie's labels in South Florida. Della Humphrey also notes in the Arctic book by Bill Dahl in "Cooler Than Ice" how she, a Miami teenager, got to Arctic from her manager's canvassing a deal during a music convention down there. And, yes, I am Harold Lipsius's son and run the label with my sister Julie, who's involved in international music publishing. Frank Lipsius ArcticCollectionSheet_AvailableNow_Email.pdf

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