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  1. yep it went pretty quickly
  2. Nancy Butts - I Want To Hold Your Hand Baby (I Get Lonely) - Flaming Arrow M-A few minor scuffs that don’t affect play, lovely copy of this in Demand Record.£350 incl registered postage from Ireland...Paypal as gift please... PM for details
  3. soulMitch

    Middleton Allniter

    Just want to echoes Johns sentiments it was a great weekend and a real pleasure for myself and Lisa to see everyone, the obvious highlight for me was getting the chance to DJ in Carl & Marias room in Middleton. It was great to see you both and help you celebrate 30 years married. We won't leave it as long this time before we come over again. Thanks to everyone for there friendship and hospitality and to Andy McCabe for running a..
  4. soulMitch

    Sleepless Nights - Dublin

    what I played 5:40 - 6:30 Kenny & Yvonne - Come on and be my love - Columbia Alex Campbell with the FAX - Not too long ago - Trans Action Johnny Bartel - If this isn't love - Solid State Brenton Wood - Sweet Molly Malone - Brent The De Vons - Someone to treat me - King Cindy Malone - Try to understand - Capitol Ted Taylor - Somebody's always trying - Okeh Al Gardner - Sweet baby - Gooda Mooga Irene Reid - I m..
  5. soulMitch

    Sylvia Croasdell

    So sorry to hear this Ady. My deepest condolences go out to you and Sylvia's family and friends. Karl & the Dublin crew
  6. soulMitch

    Prestatyn Journey Planner

    Michael, Its only around 60 - 70 euro boat and train from Dublin on the Thursday. We are going on the Friday morning boat. I think we might have room in the car, we could give you a lift there and back. Karl
  7. soulMitch

    Tammi Terrell " Lonely Lonely Town "

    Pete your right, The Three Degrees Album with Lonely Town on it is called "Maybe" its on Roulette, think its from around 1969.
  8. soulMitch

    Northern Soul Movie

    Hi, Any of you guys know about this SOULED OUT IN DEVELOPMENT Developed with the support of Northern Film and Media. SHORT SYNOPSIS It's 1974, an age of industrial unrest, beer at fifteen pence a pint, and flares wide enough to sweep the pavements. This is the moment for two young lads from the North East of England as they throw themselves into their o..
  9. soulMitch

    Motown Remix ?

    Jon, Noticed that myself, also noticed that the version of Frank Wilson is a different take\mix to the original Soul 45 version.
  10. soulMitch

    Mr Manships Auction

    Re: Glenda McCloud. Don't think the more common red ones are boots. Think these are second issues, if I am remembering this correctly, she had a dispute with her manager \ produer ?? who went and repressed this up without telling her.
  11. soulMitch

    Dublin On Saturday

    Cracking weekend alround, great spots alround. Paricular mention though for Keith Money who played a blinder. Friday Night Jackie Shane - Comin down - Sue Curtis Blandon - Mr imagination - Port Joe Simon- I got a whole lot of lovin - SS7 Rosco & Barbara - Could this be love - Old Town Lucille Mathis - I'm not your reular woman - Abet The Bronzettes - (Beggin) baby don't leave - Double Soul The Jets - Everyt..
  12. soulMitch

    Whats This Song

    Sure its Gene Chandler - I can't save it. Flip to I can take care of myself
  13. soulMitch