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  1. until

    Love Cameo sooo much had to have this...
  2. until

  3. until

    "Bury V A N has been like a soup kitchen for hungry people , no one turned away" LOVE THAT!
  4. until

    Thanks for your kind words Martin, it's all a pleasure and knowing there are like-minded people like you out there, makes it ALL worthwhile Can't wait till we can all meet again... (cue Gracie )
  5. until

  6. until

    If anyone fancies copy and pasting this into their Facebook timeline and sharing it or tagging mates help yoursel Crackin’ night lined up for you THIS SATURDAY! Starting proceedings at 8pm with one of the Virtual All Night regulars, Martin Leach. Martin has put together a set featuring some of the great music he’s heard at the BURY TOWN HALL VIRTUAL ALL-NIGHTERS for the FIRST TIME, remember that? When we used to go to venues to hear NEW sounds…Brilliant! Next up Bury regulars Simon Ingham and Baz Maleedy, closely followed by something a bit special, we’ve managed to coax a guy who for years was a fixture of the LOWTON CIVIC HALL soul nights in the heyday, Mr. DAVE HOLT! Expect the unexpected, but expect some fantastic NORTHERN SOUL from Dave, can’t wait. Making his return on Saturday, Karl White AKA Chalky will be diggin’ deep and spinning some of his favourite dancefloor delights, then it’s down to one of the scenes real characters Lenny Dopson and Young Gun, Charles Simpson to take us into the wee small hours. So why not join us THIS SATURDAY and experience the BURY TOWN HALL VIRTUAL ALL-NIGHTER, You’ll be glad you did… Listen in radioking.com (see the full address on the flyer) and join in the chat at radioking.com the Bury group on Facebook or in the Soul Source Events page
  7. Yes, Mate i'e had a few copies all played fine
  8. until

    Quality tunes Len
  9. until

    You're in for a treat Tom...
  10. until

    The Bury Ethos Richard...thanks for your support
  11. until

    Furloughed this week, so no dodgy Latin tracks, (should keep naught Nige happy) AWESOME line up this week, should WILL be an absolute stormer... BTW Len Love the banter as well as the 'Stay Alert' ad at the top of the page...KEEP IT COMIN'
  12. until

  13. until

    Gonna be spinnin' a predominantly 70's set on Saturady so if it's ok would like a request to 'set the tone' please.... one of my all time favourite soulful 70's records, only a cheapie but a real goodie Innervision 'Honey Baby (be Mine)' Ta!
  14. Quoted as being in Miami, then 'in transit' for an unusual length of time, checked every day, no change, then just turned up yesterday and tracking changed to delivered...still wating on records from different (well known) source that according to tracking has been 'in transit' since 22nd March, not panicing though, unusual circumstances and there's probably a backlog now....

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