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  1. Live locally so I'll look in at some point today BUT site RSVP is not working ???, so cannot RSVP.
  2. Roll on Saturday, ALWAYS a good night :)
  3. Luton contingent of one, me, going LOL
  4. Another of the originals gone, will be sorely missed .
  5. Deffo an oldies night, look at age of DJ's LOL ( Mr B from Luton Kevin )
  6. Looking forward to this one, especially as Kimbo Parke is guest DJ...his first spot
  7. I'll have to dig it out, but I have the issue in which Tim Brown reviewed Take a chance on me - Jack Montgomerey and valued it at £20, think it may be first issue, anyway I'll dig it out, (its been abeen a long time but there may be 3/4 others) , however the copy I do have somewhere is yours if you want it :).
    Brilliant !!!! , just got home.
  8. ZootSuit


    Always worth the trip up from Luton, niter even more so !!!!!!!!!.
  9. ZootSuit

    Northampton Spinners

  10. Living room, last night Supremes/Temptations - Uptight - TMG UK Vernon Garrett - Shine it on - Kent US Yvonne Vernee - Just like you did me - Sonbert US Jackie Wilson - The Fountain - Brunswick US Denise LaSalle - Love Reputation - Tarpon US Veniece - Stepchild - London UK Edwin Starr - Double 00 Soul - Ric Tic US Marvin Gaye - Need Somebody - TMG UK Artistics - This Heart of Mine - OK US Platters - Washed Ashore - StateSide UK Gene pitne
  11. Sad news indeed, but what a legacy he's left us
  12. Not been for a while, NOT my choice, be good to see all the faces again :), Really looking forward to this one.
  13. Always worth the trip up from Luton, good DJ sets, but ended up sitting around feeling like I'd been kicked in the stomach, (Indian takeaway for tea). Manus , cheers for keeping an eye on me, appreciated, and still not 100%.
  14. Blinding night, well worth the journey up from Luton :), tunes played not heard for years, Darkest days, Alvins boogaloo !!!. Not heardDarkest Days (outside my living room anyway), since Market Harborough, nice one Ethan :).

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