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  1. Jaedes-Uh, Uh What did I do/True true true. (Athena) Vg++ few visual scuffs DNAP £75 P&P £2.00 UK http://youtu.be/0baf6R6x5Zs
  2. PM's with price please Cheers
  3. PM's with price and condition Cheers
  4. At the last 6t's 100 club anniversay alnighter Butch played a record about half way through his first set that sounded like an 80's record, or maybe late 70's, does anybody who was there know what is was? Thanks in advance
  5. Flip side to Willie Johnson is a deep soul treasure
  6. The Voice Masters- Dance on into my heart (Bamboo) issue Vg++ £75 superb crossover dancer Butch and the Newports- Im only a man (Black Rock) Vg+ (plays well) £50 classy 70's dancer Blus Bag Ltd-Im gonna love (Plumm) Texan crossover dancer, same as The Intrigues Ex £100 SOLD Judson Moore-Every body push and pull (Capri) Ex £75 SOLDtape swoppers gem! Free & Easy-Peace and Love (Carol G) Vg+ few marks but plays great (up tempo storming dancer) £120 Garland Green-Come through me (Kent Anniversary) Ex £70....one of the best! Roy Wright-Hook Line & Sinker (Mica) Ex £120 revived Stafford biggie Rickey Andrews- The next time (R.W.A) Ex £100 funky soulful dancer! Jay Rythm-wouldnt it be a pleasure (Leo) Ex recommended crossover £50 Youtube vids on all I believe!? Bank Transfer prefered or Paypal Postage £2.00 first 45 Cheers
  7. DG?, are you talking about "were gonna make it big"?, the LP track?, if so, £30, DJ goes for £250 tops
  8. Very interesting read indeed! One of the greatest 45's known to man, The Kings of Soul-"Is your love for me" (Down to Earth), its got the lot, towards the end the lead singer says, "hey fella's lets add a little 'funk' to this thing"......Thats not my words, but the words of THE KINGS OF SOUL,..so wind your neks in peasants
  9. 2 Superb sets, start to finish, Nancy Butts & Odds & Ends sounded great loud
  10. Agree, those strings are terrible
  11. 'Play safe', for who's safety?, recognition for playing safe is 'non recognition' in me book.
  12. and one or two darn sarf Kev
  13. Good point Paul , just been looking at JM's auction of Frank Howard-Judy(Excello), £212.00 so far! , I paid £15 years ago, its a very good record and as far as Im aware its not a current indemand record so who is bidding at £212?!!,
  14. Great feeling when that happens Chalky......from both sides of the deck

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