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  1. Too true Chalky , Im impressed when I peer over the decks to check out a record thats new to me and the DJ says, "Easy one to pick up, £20 or so", result
  2. 1 .1000's of 'decent' records for £50 and under 2 .Don't buy 'popular' records, buy good records and make them 'popular'!
  3. sold my Lee Fields for £200 and bought Timmy Thomas "Whats bothering me" for £30, when this becomes 'in demand' I'll flog it for £200 and buy another equally as good record for £20, simples!
  4. Got Sherrell Brothers off Roger Banks sales tape early 90's for £10, sold it early this year for £350 to buy a 3 records that had been on my wants list for ages!, job done
  5. good price on Carlena, see at £100 last Sunday!
  6. I played it at Ghetto Soul club on Sunday!
  7. Gutted, had the privelage of seeing this giant of a man live and will cherish my signed CD of his pure soul recordings R.I.P
  8. Penultimate!?, why?, where are you off then Timbo?
  9. Diane Jenkins "I need you" (Creative Funk) SORTED THANKS PM me with price and condition, Thanks
  10. I WANT your Shan-dells and that acetate thingy!!?
  11. Drinking since 2pm so this is what I remember playing! Robert Taylor- Hot Lady (Lu Tall) Roy Wright- Hook line and sinker (Mica) Lost Souls- Im your love man (Glasco) Festivals- Hey Girl (Blue rock) Fabulous Dimensions- I cant take it (Sapphire) Jades- I know this feeling (Poncello) Jay Griffin- Lucky me (now) Edwin Johnson- Aint that enough to make a man cry (Post) Experts My love is real (Tag) Mixed Emotions- Am I imposing (Rock-way) E T White & the Great Potential Band- Got to find a true love (Great Potential) Ronnie McCain- This time Im gone (Triode) Fantastic Epics- Lets get together (Kelton) Alcon Shades- All is forgiven (Blue rock) Winstons- Aint nothing like a little lovin (Curtom) Dorothy Morrison- Hungry for your love cover up Four Counts- A home in loveland (Lyndell) Worlds Funkiest Band- When you're alone (Gold) C.O.D's- I'm a good guy (Kellmac) Ascots- Just a few feet from the gutter (Playboy) Request Cracking Day/Night
  12. Which Fantastics Flanny? p.s. Try The Marvells-'Tomorrow'/'I'm a fool for losing you' (Finer Arts) for group soul harmonies if you dont know it
  13. jb000

    3 To Go

    It's gonna have its day Kev
  14. jb000

    3 To Go

    Phillip Mitchell-The world needs people like you (Shout Promo) Ex £50 great double sider Mary Wells-If you cant give her love give her up (Reprise) Bobby Womack & Phillip Mitchell composition! Ex £30 El Chicano-One more night (Express) rare 4 track 7' EP Vg++ £120 Postage £2 1st 45 Bank Transfer/Paypal Cheers
  15. The 102 mix is a much better mix(IMO) it doesnt have the high pitched syth at the beginning. Im sure the 102 mix is same as the 7inch mixon the UK 12!?
  16. Ernie King- "Can I change my mind" (Onda Nueva) Vg+ (plays great) Very rare South American only releaes of the Tyrone Davis Classic, (Youtube clip available) OFFERS Thanks
  17. Dorothy Morrison-I cant go without you (Brown door) Ex £80 £70 Lennie Satin- Homebound (FIP) (recommended ) Ex £50 £45 The Pharaohs- Freedom Road (Scarab) Vg+ (plays .great, w.o.l) £35 £30 Wales Wallace- We're not happy (Bashie) Vg++ £60 £50 Bobby Jonz- Win your love (Dispo) Ex £40 £20 Ray Frazier- Your eyes (The Carrriage Trade) issue, Ex £75 (superb record) £65 Michelle Wiley- I feel so at home here (2Oth Century demo) same both sides Ex £30 £25 Ray Crumley- All the way in love with you (Alarm) Ex £40 £30 Betty Lavette- You'll wake up wiser (ATCO) Ex £30 (version) £25 Marva Whitney-This girls in love with you (King promo) £Vg++ £60 (great) £50 The Ivitations- Look on the good side (Silver Blue) Ex £30 £25 Rance Allen Group- Aint no need of crying (Truth) M-£30 £25 Clifton Dyson & Gwen Matthews I'm giving up (Q&S)Vg++ (w.o.l) 'On the rarer 'red' label design £40 Bobby Jonz- The thought of loving me (Expansion US) £30 £25 Bobby Bland- Yum Yum tree (Duke) Ex £35 £30 Three Pieces- I need you girl (Fantasy) Ex £25 £20 The Jaedes- True, true, true/Uh uh, what did I do (Athena) Vg+ (plays great) in demand £80 £75 Postage £2.00 first 45 Bank Transfer prefered/Paypal Cheers for looking
  18. My copy is 102 but cant say ive heard the other release!?
  19. Richard 'Dimples' Fields -"And then along came Belinda" (FaderKat) LP Superb

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