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  1. RitaPopcorn

    [Rs] harold conner - please don't tell me - recona

    Mine doesn't have the 2 crosses
  2. RitaPopcorn


  3. RitaPopcorn

    Soul, Gospel Soul And Other Reduced

    Hi Paul can you tell me it The Spiritual Aires - Working With Jesus is still for sale?
  4. RitaPopcorn

    Small Lot Of 8 Records For Sale

    I see that nothing is sold in lot... can you reconsider to sell the record of Milt Grayson...please...please???
  5. RitaPopcorn

    Unknown Label

    Ernie thank you for some quality time..indeed I will also focus on Prince George...!!!
  6. RitaPopcorn

    Unknown Label

    Thanks to you all, I noticed the Palomar label a long time ago, the Boston issue was bought in Belgium and is indeed for the Popcorn scene...!!! Never saw another copy of it here in Belgium...strange...they must all be in the UK I think... Have a nice weekend
  7. Breaking my head over some unknown label

    1. KevinKent


      It's just a UK bootleg label - not worth the worry

    2. RitaPopcorn


      Thanks Kevin

  8. RitaPopcorn

    Unknown Label

    Does anybody knows something about BOSTON RECORDS label from the UK? I would be very gratefull if one of you could help me with this mistery


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