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  1. Dazzle Music Studios is pleased to announce that Robert Paladino, writer and producer of "You Don't Love Me/Where Were You", by The Epitome of Sound, has joined the company as an Executive Director on the main board. We wish Robert the very best in his new role with us and look forward to collaborating on the exciting new projects that are in the pipeline. Love from David Burton, Zoe Leone and Colin Watson. www.dazzlemusicstudios.com
  2. Thanks richo991 Please go to our website at: www.dazzlemusicstudios.com
  3. News/Article/Feature Highlight: News about the first release on the newly formed BangTidy label. A special CD EP titled Thankful by Zoe Leone from Bangtidy records View full article
  4. Zoe Leone is a young lady destined for stardom. Originally from Middlesbrough in Teesside, United Kingdom, this delightful young woman has paid her dues working constantly since her first professional engagement when, in 2006, at the age of 18, she performed in the hit West End musical Sinatra at the London Palladium. Having travelled the world as a dancer/singer Ms. Leone has gained a reputation for studying extremely hard for every engagement, is known for her strong work ethic and for giving her very best in any role that she undertakes. A serious back injury curtailed her stage career for a while so when Ms. Leone travelled to Hong Kong in 2010, she knew no-one in her industry, so decided to go back to vocal training whilst she had treatment for her injury. After recovering, Ms. Leone began working as a freelance jazz singer and dancer and then later went to work back in theatre in Singapore. She subsequently returned to Hong Kong to continue working as a freelancer, singing and dancing and covering the two major disciplines. A chance meeting, at a private Christmas dinner and dance in Hong Kong, was the beginning of another avenue for her ambitions. That evening engagement stunned the audience into silence with her rendition of the Etta James moody soul/jazz classic At Last and this led to her being subsequently signed by dazzle music studios. The company was formed especially to further Ms. Leone's recording career which began in February 2013 when she went into a studio in Kuala Lumpur to work on a test demo of two "sixties-style" soul tracks. The finished work was enough to convince David Burton, a British soul music fanatic and disc jockey, to offer Ms. Leone an exclusive management contract. Over ten subsequent recordings were made, one of which received an extremely positive response from a single airplay on a British internet radio station. The British DJ who played the track, Glenn Walker-Foster, reported that the station chat room "lit up" with some people saying they were moved to tears when they heard the voice of this undiscovered talent. The song that was played is a cover version of the 1970's Philly soul classic, and worldwide million seller, by William DeVaughn titled Be Thankful For What You Got. Based on an idea to record a duet overlay onto the original song Ms Leone self-produced the recording and it was subsequently remixed by British musician, producer and composer Colin Watson also from Teesside in the UK. Colin also produced two alternative versions of the recording and all three tracks are being launched worldwide today on a special CD EP titled Thankful. The EP is also available for download on iTunes and a physical copy of the CD is available for purchase or download at www.cdbaby.com/cd/zoeleone. The 3-track EP has been a labour of love by this talented new artist and it directly led to the formation of dazzle music studios in April 2013 by Zoe, David and Colin. The rest is still a mystery. The three tracks are: 1. Be Thankful For What You Got - A full length 7-minute duet recorded by Ms. Leone over the William DeVaughn classic soft Philly groove. 2. Be Thankful For What You Got - A 5-minute radio edit of the same duet. 3. Thankful - A 3-minute radio edit of a solo of the same song sung by Ms. Leone. The EP is the first release on the newly formed BangTidy label, a subsidiary of dazzle music studios, and will shortly be followed by the release of the original two "sixties" recordings by Ms. Leone. For further information please contact David Burton at dazzle music studios at david@dazzlemusicstudios.com www.zoeleone.com www.dazzlemusicstudios.com www.facebook.com/dazzlemusicstudios http://youtu.be/xyhC4vosaKY
  5. This is the shorter radio mix lovingly produced by Colin Watson in Teeside. Also our tribute to VMJ who passed away peacefully one week ago. This mix uses the instrumental section of the track where Vince comes in quietly at the one minute mark and then totally steals the show. Should this gain commercial release I will be donating 100% of my personal royalties to a fund for Vince's 4 grand children. The video produced with love and care and great respect and admiration for a unique and truly gifted Philly legend. With approval from Denise Montana. http://youtu.be/b-eFwQ2-VoQ
  6. Removed pending licensing approvals.
  7. Thanks Garry. Appreciate your comments very much.
  8. Removed pending license approvals.
  9. How cruel fate can sometimes be. As I put the finishing touches to this video yesterday I searched for a few photographs of the original musicians who played on the track. Amongst others I wanted to include a few pictures of Vince Montana Jr. who made such an enormous contribution to the ultra smooth backing track. His sweet vibes are a lesson in musical genius and the jazz influence abounds all over the place especially on the second half of this extended mix where he plays fearlessly up and down the scale. One picture I loaded onto the video was taken in New York when I attended Kev Roberts excellent USA weekender in New Jersey. I had approached Vince to ask for a picture and he was delighted to oblige along with William "Smoke" Howard. After the photo was taken Vince asked me all about how I came to be there and was intrigued that I had flown half way round the world to attend. He very kindly gave me two of his CD's as a gift and they have been treasured ever since. A gracious and charming man. His musical influence and genius is there for us all to enjoy on countless Philly records. God bless him. Sleep well Vince. Dave Burton.
  10. Removed pending licensing approvals.

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