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  1. dont wop

    Sure-Shot 60's Soul & R & B Club

    What time does the bingo start?
  2. dont wop

    The Federal Club R&B Alldayer (Crewe)

    We'll be there!!!!☺
  3. dont wop

    "Something Different"Soul Club with Ted and Linda Couldstone

    Are Ted and Linda on in the afternoon or the evening? don't want to miss them.
  4. dont wop

    Norther soul, Motown, R & B & Ska event

    Hi, is there a DJ line up and any times for starting and finishing please☺
  5. dont wop

    Back To The Roots at the Catholic Club

    Nice one lads!!
  6. dont wop

    Anita & Kevs 60th Birthday Party

    Wow what a night, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to everybody who came to celebrate Anita and I on our 60th birthday (30 each) and a big THANK YOU to t h e Djs Steve Steve Kev Ciro Martin and Lardy Lorna for the awesome sounds from start to finish. I would also like to say a special THANK YOU to Hilary and Steve who organised it all and made it all happen. Again thank you everybody and see you at our 70th!
  7. dont wop

    Shiver and Shake at Greatstones Manchester

    We'll be there, Merry Christmas!!!!
  8. dont wop

    Ad-Lib Club "Back to the Roots".Lincoln.

    We will be there!!!!
  9. dont wop

    Back To The Roots at the Horse & Jockey

    We're going cos it's my wife Hilary's Birthday and my mate Alan's Birthday. Can't wait !
  10. dont wop

    The Ad-Lib Club "Back to the Roots"

    We'll be there, can't wait!
  11. dont wop

    Somewhere Down The Line

    We had a fantastic day/night, really enjoyed it, looking forward to the next one!
  12. dont wop



    We'll be there!
  13. dont wop

    Federal Club R&B Summer Alldayer in Crewe

    We'll be there!
  14. dont wop

    Ad-Lib Club Back to the Roots

    I'll be there, can't wait!
  15. dont wop

    Back To The Roots at the Horse & Jockey

    I'll be there!


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