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  1. It's always a pleasure playing to a great crowd at the Black Cat, lots of big tunes for the dance floor OVO all the way, the only way it should be !
  2. Well it has been a good while since I have had the pleasure of DJ'n at the Black Cat, so really looking forward to this event, my good Mate Hutch is coming down from Darlington to join me for a bit of double decking mayhem, so make sure you are all ready to pack that dance floor, for uptempo cracking music, and a cracking cracking night guaranteed, can't wait the play box is already twitching:- SEE YOU ALL THERE
  3. Jim, too many good memories to remember haha hope you have been keeping well, I saw Jock and Colin a couple of months back the first time in many many years some things never change eh! Hope to see you soon and catch up
  4. I recon the best meeting place before the wheel, for all your medical needs was the Queens, and I agree the The Top Twenty was top draw, but I had forgotten about the out at 8.00 back in at 9.00, strange how time plays tricks on the bits you remember.......... well I think it it time that causes all the memory loss hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  5. Hi Swish ........ I have loads of old posters and stuff some place, if you need any for your Book just let me know db PS. do you still have my Wheel Card !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ha Ha
  6. Ha Ha Ha Ha............ This just gets funnier and funnier. Pete, what have you ever done to this guy to deserve all this abuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. I reckon you must have well and truly pis**d him well off in a previous life.!!!!!.
  7. Whoooops sorry about the above guess it does not like cut and paste!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Read On After receiving many, many texts from people who used to attend the Metro All-Nighter Sessions, and several people who did not go to these Sessions, all asking me to put the record straight, I thought this seemed an appropriate time and place to put forward one or two of the real facts. Pete, Swish, Julian, Mick and Roy - most of your facts are spot on - Soash - mmmmmmm - some? Let's start with the Metro: First off, I will confirm 100% fact that I did DJ at the Metro All

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