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  1. If the Persionettes is still available I will take it. Please PM me if available with the total and email address, i will send as F&F Cheers Stu
  2. Perhaps the DJ plus one person accompanies on stage and does the security to prevent light fingers removing the gems. Some precious records have distinct marks that cant be removed or hidden; owners photographing those labels and keeping a copy, should the record unexpectedly vanish the owner could post the picture on here so the thief may have difficulty selling them or even using them for their own purposes... Just an idea do we need a missing items page on this site to deter light fingers?
  3. Pete Smith had a copy up for sale today and it was a good price. not sure if it sold
  4. I'm good Steve, thanks for asking.. Trust you are keeping well. I was shocked to see it at 500 quid, if anyone has that much of a need of the tune they can take one of mine....lol
  5. Just seen this on popsike... wtf https://www.popsike.com/NORTHERN-SOUL-45-MEL-WILLIAMS-CAN-IT-BE-ME-JET-SET-WL-PROMO-RARE-VG-Hear/142659909121.html
  6. Popsike has shown it to be between 250 and 300 in the last year.
  7. The explanation is discogs is pretty clear Please be aware of 1970's identical label bootlegs, where the etched matrix is smaller than the original and has a 2 turn run out as opposed to a 3 turn run out on this original from 1966 Almost ALL of the DEMO copies have black marker pen through the Promotional Copy - Not For Sale, Area. (Even the Counterfeit Copies tried to copy this)
  8. My set details for 3-4 spot (all originals) as the warm up for Glyn Hanford Sequins A case of Love Renfro Roscoe & Friends Broadway Sissy TEC Carl Holmes Soul dance No 3 Hit Blackjack Paul Mauriat Black is Black Philips Vala Regan Fireman Atlantic Yvonne & the Violets Cross my heart Barry Paula Durante If he were mine GJM Glories I worship you baby date Charmaines Eternally date Toni Basil Breakaway A&M records Jay D Martin By Yourself Tower Flirtations Stronger than her love F
  9. But you could buy all the copies and build a bonfire....
  10. If you won the lottery jackpot of 5 Million pounds what three hard to obtain records would you buy and what records would you stay clear of?
  11. I think that might be the light on the picture. But if they look very similar they probably will be original unless someone created a stamp with two L's and a stamp with one L. Hoping we get to find out the outcome.
  12. I have no vested interest in the outcome, but it looks gold text to me on the pictures but lighting and angle can pale the picture colour. The etch/stamp looks very fine and identical both sides. If it is counterfeit the counterfeiter will have needed exceptional skills to produce the stamp/etch look identical on both sides and given the cost of the record it would hardly be worth their time counterfeiting one record. I expect when the expert handles the record and examines it he or she will confirm it as original. But I have been conned before.
  13. I was thinking some dumpty went over the original stamp with a pin or such, that is why I asked about the stamp on the other side
  14. I did and realised its identical stamp on both sides
  15. On mine the nashville stamp is on both sides so what does the other side look like. You are right some dumpty could go over the original stamp with a compass needle and mess it up but did they do it on both sides and what does the stamp look like on other side? It could have removed all doubt without further stress

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