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  1. Had a quick look on Ebay and still loads of fake records for sale so I see no evidence of changing behaviour from sellers or the auction platform.
  2. Talking criminals, I wonder how many of the artists didn't get their money off the record companies, bet none of the directors of the record companies got sent to prison.
  3. I have quite a few boots in boxes that not played for years, I purchased in ignorance believing them to be okay, a few collectors helped with my education on OVO and reissues etc. The Manship guide to Bootlegs, counterfeits, reissues of Northern Soul 45's helped open my eyes to the number of fakes out there and aided me with identifying the counterfeit vinyl (so thank you JM). The pressings are in boxes under the roof, I have given a few away as gifts but the recipient is informed that are fakes and the fidelity is sub standard from an original. Selling them would feel wrong. Wondering what have other people done with pressings
  4. mellorful

    My Sugar Baby Shirley Matthews Mirwood

    We can always ask her... https://www.facebook.com/sherliematthews
  5. mellorful

    My Sugar Baby Shirley Matthews Mirwood

    I thought this record was by Sherlie Matthews (Mirwood fame) not Shirley Matthews (Canadian artist).
  6. mellorful

    Royal British Legion

    Will DJ's be denoting their fee's or a % thereof to the Royal British Legion Poppy appeal this month?
  7. mellorful

    RIP Aretha

    Today heaven gained a soul who could sing like an angel, RIP Aretha.
  8. mellorful

    Alexander patten- A lil lovin sometimes- Capitol.

  9. I have forwarded a link to TL on FB and invited her to comment. Kind regards Stu
  10. mellorful

    The Younghearts : Little Togetherness

    Seen the Younghearts Little togethness promo for sale more often than the issue in recent times, but assume they would have been released at the same time.
  11. mellorful


    Two near mint issues on Mirwood on discogs. Atb Stu
  12. mellorful

    Brice Coalfield

  13. mellorful

    Benny Troy RIP

    Doesn't seem that long ago we saw him entertain us at Prestatyn. RIP BT.
  14. mellorful

    Dee Dee Warwick abused Whitney Houston

    You can say what you like about the dead because they cant answer back or sue for damage. Given WH and DDW are gone the film maker is safe from legal action.
  15. mellorful

    Comedy Sale Of The Day

    But you can buy it off discogs for less than £100... lol, I appreciate that's the promo copy though


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