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  1. Was the D.J. old or young ten years ago ? & where was the venue ?
  2. until

    "The "Webster" party" More like the Addams family.
  3. jmuir

    Dark Horses

    Time to wake up "kiddie winckles play time is nearly here"!
  4. jmuir

    Dark Horses

    Trio of "tractor boys" .....................................setting off now, might just make it !
  5. jmuir

    record list me too please
  6. Hmm....this vote could be viewed as unfair, after all "we" didn't get 2 votes for brexit, (this could open up another whole tin of worms).
  7. jmuir

    Dark Horses

    No collect records
  8. Take those "stiletto wellies" & t'other one is used to digging.
  9. Only on them bloody German cars matey! Oh & I forgot............. cyclists.
  10. There could be a very good reason that you haven't seen 'em for 40 years tho'.

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