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    Thanks for the comment me owd scouse muka,your cracking little venue not just makes us from stoke welcome,your cracking little club makes EVERYONE WELCOME,long may it continue,see you all soon, Bert,Maxine,and the stoke soulies,👍

    NORTHERN SOUL AND MOTOWN SPECIAL,AT KIDSGROVE TOWN HALL WITH KIETH MINSHULL, COLIN CURTIS,AND GUESTS, 7.30 till 1.00 This event is a strictly TICKET ONLY, limited to 200,at £8.00 each, more details to follow,
  3. The Coronation Club Stoke

    Tony bee,Johnny C,and guest Alan Twyford,spinin the black stuff,at the one and only CORONATION CLUB 'what more could a boy ask for 'see ya there,Oh and when you've dance dance danced the night away to there floorfillers treat yourself to the same on NEW YEARS EVE its a FIVER a ticket for over six hours of the same,including a BUFFET,so go on be a devil and come and enjoy the PARTY,see julie on the door for tickets,see ya there👍
  4. Bucknall Stoke-on-trent charity night

    We second your comments,Brenda, FANTASTIC night, FANTASTIC turnout,for our FANTASTIC little vale fan SKYE,£1310 is a FANTASTIC amount raised, towards this FANTASTIC little girls treatment,to all who were there give yourself a pat on the back, FANTASTIC,👍 BERT & MAXINE✊
  5. The Coronation Club Stoke

    Quickie to all you soulies,👫TICKETS for NEW YEARS EVE,🎊will be on sale,this sat,only 5 QUID👍 for over 6 HOURS of TOP TUNES,🎵with resident djs TONY BEE,&JONNY C,spinnin the VINYL,🎤also there's a BUFFET 🍰included,at this BELTIN VENUE,👍 so get yourself a GOLDEN TICKET,and let the new year🎉 in at this TOP, FRIENDLY, 😉FLOORPACKIN, VINYLCRACKLIN, PARTY 🎊of all PARTIES,🎉🍻all for a FIVER 💷,see ya there,😎 Bert & maxine💑
  6. The Coronation Club Stoke

    We missed the last cracker,🎉at this top soul venue🎤,due to me better half breaking a leg🚑,(honest),But we are hoping,she can manage to hobble ♿the few yards to the best soul night on the calendar,📆and let the music,🎶 (and a few beers🍻) take the pain💉 away,so hopefully see you there,and if last months is anything to go by,we need to get there early as it was a packer, Bert & Maxine 😎
  7. Radway Green Stoke-on-Trent

    It's a no brainier Ray, what better way to spend Christmas,🎄Than with ya soulie mates,👍 see ya there😎 Bert & Maxine,🎅
  8. Radway Green Stoke on Trent

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KATH,🎂 hope Ray's got you loads a prezzies,💰🚢🚗🎂🍷💍💎💄👠👜👛we will see you both soon BERT & MAXINE,💑👍
  9. Northern Soul Night - Motown - 70 s Soul

    Hoping to take a trip,to our mates Frank and Alison's cracking little venue,where the sounds are top notch,and we have been told there is a certain Mr Kieth minshull,doing a guest spot so really it's a no brainier,see ya there ✊ Bert & Maxine😎
  10. Coronation Club Stoke-on-Trent

    Looking forward to a fantastic festive season of tunes,at the BEST TWO VENUES,around,first we will be dancing our crimbo dinner off at RADWAY on boxing day,with RAY and the guys playing the best in NORTHERN it's sure to be a CRACKER,at a venue that just gets BETTER and BETTER every month,second well what can I say,about COBRIDGE,you the soulies say it all by turning up every month in your numbers,and look forward to TOP QUALITY TUNES played by resident djs TONY BEE,and JOHNNY C,and guests,so this is THE VENUE to be,to see in the new year,with FANTASTIC MUSIC (to suit you all)FANTASTIC PEOPLE (except Jonny c,cus he didn't get me a crimbo prezzy )only kidding mate lol,and a FULL FANTASTIC FLOOR,(garanteed),Oh there's a BUFFETT,(if you have room after all the mince pies consumed)and the BEERS BLOODY BRILLIANT(to swill the butties down,)so it looks like a VERY MERRY CRIMBO,to me and the missus,we hope you will be joining us at one, or both,of these TOP SOUL NIGHTS,if not have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS,🎅 BERT & MAXINE🎅🍺👣🎵🎊👍
  11. Port Vale Football Club Stoke-on-Trent

    Wow well done to you all,over 360 of you,just wish we were there, its just great when everybody gives up there time for worthy causes,(after all thats what friends are for) especially the djs who could have been elsewhere but gave up there FREE TIME and kept the dancefloor hot,with TOP QUALITY TUNES,And well done to RAYand KATH for getting this event together,and i am sure they have got another lined up
  12. Bucknall Stoke-on-trent charity night

    Looking forward to doin our bit,for our good friends julie and alan,and little skye,But we would also like your help to put a smile on skye's face,the djs,the room,and the buffet,are all free,(thanks to all who donated)alan and julie just want you to help fill the charity bucket,so we can get little skye all the help she needs,so if you have a spare hour,and a bit of loose change,get down,and help make skye's night,see you there, Bert & maxine

    Brace yaself Chris me owd scouse muka,the loud crew from stoke are on there way,to your cracking venue,for a night of footstompin floorfillin belters,and with a certain Kieth minshull behind the decks,it got the makings of one hell of a night, See ya there👍 Bert & maxine

    Me and me better half can't make it to this super little venue,this month,due to to a charity night,but we and the rest of the stoke crew will be heading down next month,with our mate Kieth minshull,so until then hope our friends Roger and Chris,and guest dj John pollitt have a belter of a night with tunes that will have the floor heaving See ya next month😎 Bert & Maxine✊
  15. The Coronation Club Stoke

    Another top night coming up, with res djs TONY BEE,and JONNY C,(although jonny c sneakin off to portugal this week)duna think i will miss him lol,and we have our mate NIGE ASTLES,as guest dj,who will have the floor rammed with his classic tunes,so for a TOP NORTHERN,and MOTOWN night,get down to this TOP VENUE,its goin to be a CRACKER and a PACKER, ktf, Bert & maxine,