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  1. until

    Yes I agree with Steve s 60,although we enjoyed the performances,of the two artists,They were both short and sweet,and yes I am sure there was time to get a replacement for Leroy Huston,I also thought the sound system was below power,Plus we thought some DJs were singing off the same hym sheet,as on sat night alone The shakers were plugged at least three times,Anyway we went,the weather was great,the people were great,But with a price hike (not surprised,have us SOULIES got deep pockets,)we will give next year's a MISS,
  2. Another TOP night of floorstompers, played by our resident spinners TONY BEE, and JOHNNY C, at this CRACKING VENUE,and it just gets better,The one and only MR NORTHERN SOUL himself KIETH MINCHULL,as guest DJ, will garantee a FANTASTIC NIGHT for all,so get yourself ready,for a CRACKER,👍 Bert & maxine
  3. Me and my better half,have been looking forward to this fantastic,event since we found out that it was a goer,And it's sure to bring back memories,of GREAT NIGHTS,GREAT TUNES,and GREAT DJs,for all concerned,yes the seventies had it all,from the TORCH to WIGAN and beyond,so to have a day/night like this, including original DJs,from that era,is truly FANTASTIC,so get yourself suited and booted,polish ya loafers,splash a brut,and take a trip down memory lane,see ya there, ktf ✊ Bert & maxine👍
  4. me,me better half, and the rest of the crew,taking a trip up to tommies and looking forward to a night,of floor stomping sounds,played by me mate Phil and his guest djs,been told it's always a packer,so we better be there early,see ya there,ktf.✊ Bert & maxine
  5. Great venue,🏠great people😉,great music♬this place as got the lot,👍looking forward to a top night of dancefloor fillers,💃at this friendly little club,its gona be a bankholiday packer,✊ktf, Bert & maxine Ang & john
  6. Hi soulmate,glad you coming,have a safe journey and we will see you both soon,with a warm welcome waiting for you both,ktf Bert & maxine
  7. Hi soulmate,yes this event is on tonight,and every second Saturday of the month,get yourself down,you won't be disappointed,see ya there, Bert & maxine
  8. Looks like the floors gona be busy,with the black stuff played by me mates johnny and chris,and with the tunes off pete cogley,its sure to be a packer,at this great venue,with great atmosphere,and great people,we cona make this one,but lookin forward to next months fix,ktf Bert & maxine
  9. Gona be a beltin nite at this fantastic venue,not only do we have top tunes from resident djs TONY BEE and JOHNNY C,we also have guest dj ALAN TWYFORD,spinnin the black stuff,so get ya self suited and booted,splash a brut,and check this TOP VENUE out,talc freindly,cheap ale,great crowd,and over 5 hours of pure soul and motown,all for 3 quid yea 3 quid,see ya there, Bert & maxine
  10. Me,me better half,and our friends looking forward to our first CO72,and what better place to hold it,than on the doorstep to where it all began for me just a few yards away at the GOLDEN TORCH,aahh the music,aahh the people,aahh the memories,BRING IT ON,ktf see ya there, Bert & maxine & friends,
  11. Well done,to ray for taking,Mr GOLDEN TORCH, KIETH MINSHULL on board as a resident dj,This guy is a legend and fills floors where ever he plays,and I'm sure he will be a great asset to this cracking club, Bert,
  12. Yes NIGE,it's a credit from the DJs,right down to the barstaff,for this bank holiday CHARITY bonanza, it's got all the makings of THE BEST CHARITY ALLDAYER OF THE YEAR,😎 See ya there,👍 Bert & maxine
  13. Yes,this has got the makings of a beltin charity night,These guys work hard,and all for FREE,so let's show our appreciation,to MARTIN HUXLEY,and his crew by digging deep into our pockets,wallets,and purses,and have the charity buckets overflowing,and GOOD LUCK,to MARTIN,TONY,JON,and ANG,for organizing the event,see you there, Bert & maxine
  14. Looking forward to a great night of soulful sounds,from host djs TONY BEE,and JOHNNY C,at this FANTASTIC VENUE,and with our mate and guest dj CHRIS E,(moulton)bringing his box of black stuff,its sure to be a CRACKER and a PACKER,see ya there, Bert & maxine
  15. Cona make this months helping of cracking tunes,at this belting little venue,and with guest dj tot johnson and my mates roger,and neil,spinnin the vinyl,its got the makings of a TOP TOP NIGHT,ktf,😎 See ya next month👍 Bert & maxine