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  1. Never been to this venue before,didn't know what to expect  !

    When i walked in there was a healthy crowd some i knew some i didn't 

    The music policy was play what you want but most DJ's played across the board northern 

    Which for a Sunday Free session i didn't mind 

    The Friendliness of the promoters & that attended the venue was 2nd to none :thumbsup:

    A special thank you to Gail for keeping in supply of coffee :thumbup:

    All 'n' all a totally enjoyable afternoon & early evening spent by me 

     There was NO POLITICS & no pressure to play to the floor either even though the floor got quite busy at times

    Must mention that the  legend that is Mr Russ Winstanley was even here :wicked:

    I will visit this little shin dig again when time permits me to do so 

    Thank you Jez,Gail,Paul,Andy & Derek Smith for a great guest spot 

    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:






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    Had a fantastic time @ Spirit everyone who attended where up for it !!!!!!

    All the DJ's gave it there all & dancers from the off :thumbsup::thumbsup: from me

    Time flew by 

    Thanks to the promoters for a fantastic night of SOUL music,well organised & put together 

    IMHO it was a great success well supported from all over the country 

    I will attend any future Spirit All-Nighters held @ The Box there was a great vibe in the place from the off & just right for this sort of event 

    atb Kev :hatsoff2:

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