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  1. On 28/09/2020 at 11:19, Andybellwood said:

    on vinyl please ...7 preferred 

    Please pm (no 'make me an offer') - all will be answered .

    Many thanks 😊 


    Andy i've heard that there's no 7" release yet !

    Hearing there is a high demand for it 


  2. There was a old thread on here way back they where talking about the Bernard Harper version which was C/U as Billy Arnell 

    Thought it would be nice to get your views about this one 

    I have never heard Bernard Harpers version 

    I'm edging my bets that Bill Freeman's may have been the 1st 

    Any info on both & if anyone has the soundfile for BH could you share on this thread 





  3. On 19/08/2020 at 18:15, Tomangoes said:

    Really enjoyed that...thanks.

    Bought baby huey in 77 off an ex mecca dweller...never heard it out before!


    Glad you enjoyed the mix Ed

    Next mix from FTMNTC team is pencilled in for Sunday 9th Sept 

    Atb Kev :hatsoff2:


  4. Playlist in order of play

    1 Albert George - Soul Baby 

    2 Sonny Fisher - Oh Love 

    3 Claude Huey - Keep it to myself 

    4 Spirit of St. Louis - Wait until tomorrow 

    5 Tobi Legend - No good to cry 

    6 Chi-Lites - Love Bandit 

    7 Gloria Parker - The best thing for you baby

    / 8 Fred Hughes - Don't let me down 

    9 Servicemen - I need a helping hand 

    10 Masqueraders - One more Chance 

    11 Johnny Davis - Boogedy Boogedy 

    12 Phase V - Woman of the street 

    13 Laurence Armour / Throw the guns in the river 

    14 Alex Spearman - All the love you got 

    15 Gene Marshall and the ghetto sons - One shirt 

    16 Art-Forms Ltd - What did I do wrong 

    17 Cephas system - Always room for one more fool 

    18 Velvet fire - Let’s keep on making love 

    19 Clarence Berry - Can’t stand being in love with you 

    20 Norman feels - Today 

    21 La Que - Give me some credit 

    22 Luther Ingram -Trying to find my love 

    23 Philip Mitchell - Free for all 

    24 Charades - Key to my Happiness 

    25 Harley Hatcher - Soul Hustler 

    26 Deadbeats - No Second chance 

    27 Lou Rawls - see you when I get there 

    28 Rufus Lumley - I'm Standing 

    29 Manitoba - Come on down to my boat 

    30 Donald Lee Richardson - You've got me in the palm of your hand 

    31 Al Supersonic and the Teenagers - I dont know where is my girl 

    32 Originals of Sight and Sounds - Long Boots 

    33 Tangeers - Let my heart and soul be free 

    34 Vicki Britton - Elijah Stone 

    35 Freda Payne - Easy street 

    36 Jackie Wilson - Somebody up there likes you 

    37 Ripple Blast Singers - Sadie Sadie 

    38 21st Century - Shadow of a memory

    39 Pucho and Latin Soul Bros - Heat 

    40 Debonaires - Headache in my heart 

    41 Harvey Averne - Think it over 

    42 Johnny R - The Champ 

    43 Tyrone Ashley Funky Music Machine - I can't stay away

    44 Johnny Howard - The Chase is on 

    45 Tangeers - Whats the use of me trying

    46 Gail Anderson - my turn now 

    47 Peaches & Herb - Me & you 

    48 006’S - I’m in love 

    49 Donald Jenkins & the Delighters - Somebody help me 

    50 Luther Ingram - Missing you 

    51 Paul Sindab - Can’t wait no longer 

    52 Little Ann - Going down a one way street 

    53 The Feathers - Tryin’ to get to you 

    54 The Capitols - Ain’t that terrible 

    55 Delorise Berry - No other Girl 

    56 Chet Poison Ivey - Something else 

    57 Joan Moody - Anything worth having


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  5. Just spoke to Sue & she has asked me to forward the details of Bills funeral 

    The date & time are as follows....

    Tuesday 21st April at 12:40pm

    Bradwell Crematorium 

    Instruction from Sue is if anyone wishes to raise a glass in Bills memory  around the  time of the service 

    Please share......thanks


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  6. Just a few words that we lost 1 of our enthusiasts & a close friend to many yesterday morning Covid 19 was involved but there where underlying issues

    On a personal note i'd been a close friend to Billy & Susan Pepper for to many years to remember

    I would like to give our condolences to Sue & the family at this sad time he was a kind & friendly man

    R.I.P Billy from FTMNTC

    soul SAM_0603


  7. Coke Escovedo…..Rebirth

    The Angry Men….Love is Gone

    G.C Cameron…… No Matter Where

    Vanguards…...The Thought of Losing Your Love

    Earl Gaines….Soul Children

    Chico hamilton…..Conquistador

    Bud harper….Let it Rain

    The cautions…...No Other Way

    Troy Dodds…….. Try My Love

    Jay Mitchell…...Catch The Fish

    Major Burkes…...Break These Chains

    Freddie Hill…..Mr Lucky

    Len Jewel…..Paint Me

    Ronnie Dyson…...Fever

    Al Supersonic & The Teenagers…..Paint Yourself In A Corner

    Citations…..Two For The Road

    Reasons For Being…...Changes

    The Love Rights…...Its Time For a Change

    The Ascots…...Another Day

    Roy Hamilton…..And I Love Her

    Little Ron & The Esquires…..I Found Someone

    Bob Marshall & The Crystals…...You Got Me Crying


    We don’t normally put playlists up cuz we prefer you to come & listen ‘live’....however on this occasion we thought it would be good to give you a ‘taste’ of the type of music at our nights…..as we start planning for 2020



  8. On 22/05/2019 at 17:43, Stephen Houghton said:

    Queens Hall Bradford, it feels such a long time ago. Coming out in the morning with just a t/shirt on, starting a freezing car then home to macclesfield, priceless 

    Bloody hell @Stephen Houghton Queens Hall finished  early 9ts didn't it ,I never went myself but there's a old thread on here !

    you may find it interesting :thumbsup:

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  9. in response to the first allnighter you went thread...it would be interesting to see what was your last allnighter attended

    The early days revolved around allnighters....does the same hold true today ?


    My last allnighter was The Old Courts ,Wigan  OTIN event ,11th May & i would think it was a totally different animal  to the early allnighters 

  10. 45 minutes ago, SHSDave said:

    Yes mine plays fine & no marks silver or otherwise on label.

    Like Speedlimit wouldn't of thought it would appeal to the masses (unless Butch started playing it 😀)

    Played it a few times early doors at Solid Hit to little if any real interest.

    Just had a look & surprisingly doesn't appear to be on youtube. Have to dig it out & give it a spin later, I think it's great 🕺👍

    Oh yes it is Dave & i must agree with you its a great tune  :wink: 

    Here ya go 


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