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  2. Hannah

    Updated And Removed

    now sorted.
  3. Hannah

    Middleton Civic Niter Sat Sept 15th

    oops!! I think this might be my fault, after all the records Nick's bought he promised me a mini break..He's booked it around the nighter!! I thought we weren't going and told a few people..Sorry Andy.. Steve, Lydia & Kid Mohair> see you usual time usual place.....x Flying to Portugal on Sunday, have changed all money into Euros so no worry with Nick in the record bar this month... ps, as you can see this is only my 5th post ever, i'll get my coat.....oops what drama....sorry all... pps..Paul Sadot> The only time i've seen Nick dance is when he found his latest want in the record bar, he did a perfect 360 degree spin to see if i was in the room, then backdropped it into his open record box whilst trying to knock the dealer down a tenner.. Hannah..x
  4. Hannah

    Nige Shaw Memorial Night This Friday

    Looking forward to seeing you Lindsay, Nick was down to Dj but sadly couldn't get out of work.I know he didn't want to miss this..Never fear though i managed to fleece his wallet before he left for raffle ticket money and have been saving up all the change when his jeans have been through the wash. Coming up early with Jason he'll be looking after me,,god help him! What a great line up in both rooms...
  5. Hannah

    Top 5 (upto £20) 45s

    1)Aaron Neville--Hard nut to crack 2)The Artistics--The chase is on 3)Bettye Swann--Make my yours 4)Soul Sisters--Good time tonight 5)Donald Height--365 days fook you Nick.x lucky seven on the bench! The Marvelettes--Don't make hurting me a habit Billy Butler--Sweet Darling Marvin Gaye--Little darling i need you ZZ Hill--What more Bobby Bland--Aint myself anymore Moses and Joshua--Get out of my heart Mack Rice--Baby i'm coming home
  6. Hannah

    Sheridans Easter Sunday Allniter

    Hello, Wow what a fookin great night. It was by far the best nighter we've been to for awhile. firstly our playlist, Mainly for Brett, aka lightweight, i need some fresh air franklin, and i thought you northern monkey's were hardcore!! 11.45 ish til the last record, in kinda order, well i know what i started with!! IVORYS...PLEASE STAY...DESPENZA DENA BARNES.....IF YOU EVER WALK OUT OF MY LIFE...INFERNO..DEMO TED FORD.....YOUR GONNA NEED ME...SOUND STAGE 7...DEMO SAM DEES...LONELY FOR YOU BABY...SSS..INT.... HERB WARD..HONEST TO GOODNESS....RCA FOUR PERFECTIONS....I'M NOT STRONG ENOUGH...PARTYTIME..DEMO THEMLA LINDSEY....WHY WEREN'T YOU THERE...MAGIC CITY SHIRLEY LAWSON...ONE MORE CHANCE...BACKBEAT....DEMO THERESA LINDSEY....I'LL BET YOU..GOLDENWORLD...DEMO JOHNNY HOWARD...THE CHASE IS ON..BASHIE..DEMO YVONNE BAKER & THE SENSATIONS..I CAN'T CHANGE....JUNIOR. HERB WARD...STRANGE CHANGE..ARGO CAROL & GERRI...ON YOU HEARTACHE LOOKS GOOD..MGM..DEMO TOMMY RIDGLEY...MY LOVE GETS STRONGER..INTERNATIONAL CITY THE PROFESSIONALS....THATS WHY I LOVE YOU...GROOVECITY BOBBY KLINE.....SAY SOMETHING NICE TO ME....MB ROSE BATISTE..I MISS MY BABY...REVILOT JESSE JOHNSON...LEFT OUT ...OLDTOWN...DEMO JOHNNY HAMPTON...NOT MY GIRL...DOTTY'S BETTY LAVETTE...ONLY YOUR LOVE CAN SAVE ME...CALLA It is true to say that we had a brilliant time double-decking, It is great to see people enjoying and dancing to our set. I've only dj'd a few times out to small soft southern shandy drinking crowd, You were the hardest,biggest crowd to play for, but the nicest,supportive and friendliest bunch of people. The club had a real raw feel to it, fantastic atmosphere, the back streets is where it belongs.... .....and if anyone's interested Nick played the main room double-decking with flipside Neil at 9.30 am....They got the dancefloor moving again, well there was only five left, oh hang on six including the cleaner!!! JACK MONTGOMERY...DEARLY BELOVED...SCEPTOR BALLADS..I CAN'T SEE YOUR LOVE...WEE ARTHUR FREEMAN...YOU GOT ME UP TIGHT...JUMBO VINCE APOLLO.....I BEAR WITNESS...PENTAGON SHARON SCOTT...COULD IT BE YOU..RCA...DEMO LEE BATES...WHY DON'T YOU WRITE..INSTANT THE SHEPPARDS...STUBBORN HEART...MIRWOOD THE TEARS...WHAT YOU'RE DOING TO ME..SMASH...DEMO JERRY WILLIAMS...IF YOU ASK ME...CALLA..DEMO BOBBY WILLIAMS...BABY I NEED YOUR LOVE...SURESHOT..DEMO INCREDIBLES...THERE'S NOTHING ELSE TO SAY..AUDIO ARTS..DEMO GARNET MIMMS..LOOKING FOR YOU...UNITED ARTISTS...DEMO DARRELL BANKS....OPEN THE DOOR TO YOUR HEART...REVILOT. Brett, will burn all onto cd for you and post in the next few days..... Special thanks to Andy for letting us play.. Really nice to meet the soulville lads and anyone else that i talked at throughout the night!! finally got home at 6 pm monday after a 13 hour nighter,,,ave it!!!!! Hannah Moore and Nick Hackett....


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