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  1. Yeah, heard Billy Shae Ray...Cleethorpes tune ? I'd forgotten about. I'll check September Jones, that's a new one to me...Thanks people.
  2. Eddie Parker 'I'm gone', or The Hesitations 'That's what love is.' Which came first ? and are there other recordings which use the same backing track ?
  3. Roy Handy - 'Baby that's a groove' - Surely the first verse says "Fish and Chips" impossible, but then it was co-written by George Clinton ! :
  4. I kind of know a bit about NS dancing, but have never heard about a 'banger' ? Here's my 3p worth - A 'floater' is slow to mid-tempo, (Detroit Executives - Cool Off). A 'stomper' is faster, but basic 4/4, ( Willie Mitchell - The Champion). A 'shuffler' is faster than a 'stomper' and trickier, ( Frankie Crocker - Ton of Dynamite) .
  5. Went once, but I'm sure it was a 'dayer. It was OK, a bit youth clubby though, I think we bunked the trains there and back, My fuzzy mind remembers it as being a weekend job, better than cracking up...home alone after a 'nighter.
  6. I stumbled across Wilmer & The Dukes, while looking for something else, they recorded on Aphrodisiac records NY mid-late 60's, sound like a covers band, but there's a couple of tracks that sound so Northern Soul to me. In particular "Give me one chance". I'd never heard of them. Was any of their stuff ever played out ?
  7. I think that many NS records that are favourites with the 'in-crowd' often have something wrong with them, a slight off-key moment if you like, where a more heavily productionised 'pop' hit would have re-recorded or dubbed. To us, those little quirks are part of the mystique and attraction.
  8. Crickey!. does Life - Cats Eyes count ? Otherwise Raw Soul - The Gig. Paul Humphrey - Cochise. Mistura - The Flasher . ( I just noticed that Cats Eyes has been previously posted by Ernie Andrews, if it qualifies as a weird instro - it wins, hands down ) ! So to make up for this error, I also nominate: Paul Humphrey - Scream and Shout.
  9. Noticed that Ian is selling stuff again, The price seems high, for essentially a 'lucky bag' - Opinions ?
  10. rly I reckon I played James Coit at Wigan first, in the early session in Mr. M's. Searling heard it, borrowed it from me and RS passed it to Alan Rhodes to play in the main room. I bought it from Sean Gibbons who played it as a popular spin in the Morecambe/Lancaster area. I'm not ashamed, there are far worse records out there.
  11. Mine's on black UK 'London' on a 45. B side is The Champion Pt 2.
  12. I think there was a hierarchy and the front of the stage at Wigan was the best place to dance, It was loud in front of the speakers, there was a bit more room there on crowded nights, it was better lit, so you needed confidence to 'perform' there. For some people, there was also an element of influencing the DJ. I don't remember bullying anyone, but there was an element of know-how, amongst the people who danced there, because they were good, they found space and knew when the people around them were 'about to go off on one', either acrobatics, spins or fast shuffle. If you had the confidence, you could hold your space, if not, you actually got forced back. The other clubs I went to during that decade certainly didn't have 'a front hierarchy'.
  13. I hated them, because I had to go to work, the day after they appeared on TOTP and then take crap all day, I hate Burnley because I support Blackburn and they once beat us. I like Leeds because the chip butties are massive, and they have the worst centre back in the entire universe.

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