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    Stephen Brazil
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    Mainly 60's & 70's soul, Funk, scooters etc etc...
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    The north
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    Changes all the time.

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  1. Ste Brazil

    Joe Dutton Aka Pikeys Dog Rip

    Awful news...RIP Joe.
  2. All copies are EX condition. Cosmos Universal Band 'Third Eye' The Love Experience 'Are you together for the new day?' / 'Moving woman' Wee 'Try me' Mellow Madness 'Save the Youth' Delegates of Soul 'I'll come running back' Pazazz 'So hard to find' Karime Kendra '90% of me is you' £25 (or offers) Including UK post.
  3. Ste Brazil

    Judson Moore "everybody Push And Pull" Capri Ex £60

    Great track!
  4. Nice VG+ copy for sale, killer 70s! £30 inc standard post, PM me!
  5. ************* ON HOLD ************* ************* ON HOLD ************* ************* ON HOLD ************* I'm open to offers for the lot, UK postage & packaging will be £10.00, payments to be sent as a 'gift' via Paypal please. PM Me if you have any questions, dealers welcome as ever. Otis Blackwell 'It's all over me' (Colombia Special Products) Snowboy 'Lucky fellow' (Acid Jazz) ..
  6. Ste Brazil

    Mixed Soul Pack - Cheap

    Second lot on hold.
  7. Ste Brazil

    Mixed Soul Pack - Cheap

    ...also have these going cheap, open to offers for the lot. Conrad Jackson 'Come back with me' Sonic Wax Lonnie Liston Smith 'Expansions' RCA Marvin Gaye 'Heavy love affair' Tamla. Four Tops 'Strung out for your love' ABC Records. Bebu Silvetti 'Spring rain' Salsoul. David Ruffin 'Walk away from love' Motown. Norman Connors & Prince Phillip Mitchell 'Once i've been there' Buddah. ..
  8. Ste Brazil

    Mixed Soul Pack - Cheap

    ****************** SOLD SOLD SOLD ******************** More to follow if anybody is interested ****************
  9. Ste Brazil

    Mixed Soul Pack - Cheap

    ****************** SOLD SOLD SOLD ******************** More to follow if anybody is interested **************** For sale at £120.00, good profit to be made if you can be bothered selling them individually Caroline Crawford 'I'll be here for you' Mercury demo. Art & Honey 'Let's make love now' Motown white label demo. Archie Bell & The Drells 'Dancing to your music' Glades. Carl Graves '..
  10. Ste Brazil

    Funky Soul 45S Pack - Cheap

    ...can deliver to the Va Va Voom all dayer on 24/5 if required.
  11. Ste Brazil

    Funky Soul 45S Pack - Cheap

    I prefer to sell these as a job lot, so get in touch if you are interested, may be open to offers, all quality tracks, no crap and a pretty good set for somebody getting into the funkier side of things. I'm happy to let these go at less than half price, so £95.00 and £10.00 UK postage Superlatives - 'Come on down to the ghetto' (WAL-LY RECORDS) VG++ Black Stash 'Mighty love man' (Seville) VG+ Top Shelf 'Going through t..
  12. For Sale: 100 Club 45's: ****** BOTH NOW SOLD ***** Debra Johnson 'To get love you've got to bring love' / The Diplomats 'I really love you' 24th Anniversary single. Slight smudge on label, virtually un-played but a few light surface marks from storage - £15.00 / Postage £2.50. (UK) ****SOLD**** Gigi & The Charmaines 'I don't want to lose him' / The Mysteries 'Too late now' 27th Anniversary single. This again is virtually un..
  13. Ste Brazil

    100 Club Singles

    I'm selling these for a friend, so if you have any questions i may need to check and get back to you. These have been played once or twice or not all in most cases. £30.00 each, UK postage is £2.30. Wee Willie Walker 'I don't want to take a chance' / The Magicians Just a little faith and understanding' 25th Anniversary single. (There is a mark across the vinyl that does not affect play at all) ****** ON HOLD ******* ..
  14. Hi, A friend is considering selling off their collection of 100 Club singles and they would like some help with valuation before they decide to sell or not, these are not mine (I've only been there once to my shame!), just doing somebody who is not on here a favour, any help greatly appreciated! All records are pretty much un-played, one single ('I don't want to take a chance' - Wee Willie Walker / Just a little faith and..
  15. Ste Brazil

    70's Soul Pack - Cheap

    *** SOLD *** Will put up another cheap pack tomorrow.