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  1. Will there be a commemorative patch or free CD for the first 50 through the ' doors'
  2. Recommend Soul Lodge.Just spent a week in Tenerife and was there 5 nights. Decent acts who sing mainly Motown with the odd Northern thrown in followed by DJ/owner Stefan who plays a good mix of soul and will try to play what you ask for.Also as said 2 euro a pint.Thing to note it's closed all day Tuesday.
  3. Got dim and distant memories of what was possibly your 21st birthday do at a club in Whitley Bay.I was with Big Ray and Frankie Lucas among others and seem to remember a good night with a mix of Northern and Reggae Jimmy Todd
  4. Bloody hell David.I DJ'd a dayer at Dunelm probs 77.Stood in for me good mate Big Ray who was errr' detained' elsewhere at the time.Also did the niter at Togos with Frankie Lucas assisting. Jimmy Todd
  5. Saw N50ULK in County Durham little while ago
  6. I think I've got it on Route.Let me know if you can't get it and I'll try to dig it out
  7. This site says free download or buy record £8.99 http://www.discogs.com/Dezro-Orchestra-Reflections-Witchunt/release/1615117
  8. h Remember you dancing on stage with The Four Tops in Eldon Recreation Centre.Long long time ago Jimmy Todd

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