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    Steve Sayles
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    Northern Soul Events

    Collecting records (Northern Soul, Funk )
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    boco running the mardi gras
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  1. Rebel

    New Book

    NORTHERN SOUL SCENE (A Contemporary Perspective) Steve Sayles presents a contemporary “snapshot” of the UK Northern Soul scene. He courts controversy with humour, logic and a canny perception. He shares his personal views and experiences.. From record collecting, OVO, bootlegs, Carvers and “ cover ups” dancing, etiquette, events, venues, clothing and the use of talcum powder, He offers his peers tongue in cheek advice. From hilarious to deadly serious. The two-edged sword that he wields gives a unique view of the music, the personalities and the unique scene that has been a way of life for many in the UK. https://www.amazon.co.uk/NORTHERN-SOUL-SCENE-Contemporary-Perspective/dp/1718092814/ref=asap_bc?ie=UTF8
  2. Keep it FUNKY 

    keep it real 


  3. Rebel


  4. Rebel

    MVP's Morecambe Vinyl Players

    Hi I have just moved into Morecambe and need a heads up on the local scene - email me mojorebel@hotmail.com
  5. Rebel


    what is the address and postcode for this event?
  6. Rebel

    MVP's Morecambe Vinyl Players

    Hi I'm moving to Morcambe in the next few weeks - so this may well become a regular for me Doubtful I will make the early Sept tho -
  7. Rebel

    The 8.5 hour xmas soul session.

    What time does it start ? Cant view all details on stupid iphone
  8. Rebel

    Roger Conneely at Broughton Wings Soul Club

    what is the adress and postcode?
  9. Rebel

    MOJO RISING - All Dayer Jan 2014

    The Mojo Rising All Dayer - Memory Lane Rotherham
  10. Rebel

    Hollingwood Hotel

    me and mine gonna make it here too
  11. Rebel

    The Mojo Rising "It's almost Christmas party"

    I hope to make this one - but wife working - so doubtful
  12. Rebel

    Hollingwood Hotel

    Me and mine -paying this a visit - rare and underplayed are right up my street. Im a little fed up of traveling To Stoke for the top 500
  13. Rebel

    100 Club Nov 2 -2013

    Yorkshire Soul Crew - Visit the 100 Club All Niter
  14. Rebel

    Mojo Rising All Dayer Oct 2013

  15. Rebel

    G Rooms 6th Anniversary 19 Oct -2013

    Grosvenor 6th Anniversary 19 Oct -2013


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