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  1. Brighton(soul Survivors Beach Party)

    Got my passport, and looking forward to sleeping on the beech, must pick up a Barbie for Breakfast (another ambiguous statement)
  2. Favourite Recent Soul Track

    I've had the album for two months, after viewing his U tube Apollo talent contest clip, where he wow's the crowd and then over indulges in vocal theatrics. The other clips of him live give a better account. The albums a mixed bag of good to excellent but a bi...
  3. The Amy Winehouse Experience

    I think we are missing the point about Amy Winehouse. Her appeal seems to me to be the skilful fusion of a relatively convincing retro sound with lyrics and musical touches that are very much for today. The end result is extremely well-crafted and listenable ...
  4. Is This 2006

    Kev, I'd forgotten guy's name on AFN although I thought it was on around 10pm but my memory is very selective. I do remember listening to him playing Stylistics "You're a big girl now" on Sebring [was it?] and thinking I must get that. ROD
  5. Sounds That Bring A Tear To The Eye

    Any chance of an MP3 on this one, it's been recomended too many times to go unheard by my ears. and all of your list is quality so I don't want to miss out.
  6. General Soul Night

    We've had these sort of nights in the Brighton area for over 4 years, but be warned the nights can be tiresome when the playlist starts to get predictable. Mainly because many of the punters can't open there minds to anything that they didn't hear in their in...
  7. Sounds That Bring A Tear To The Eye

    possibly Bobby Powell a great version for me it has to be "someday we'll all be free" Donny Hathaway especially when listening to the "Extensions of a man" LP. There's a different instrumental break on the Greatest Hit's album. I often wonder...
  8. Me On Bbc Radio 6 At 9pm

    Having listened to Ady's spot and his answer to Craig's question "is everything OK at Ace" has anybody seen anything official about how much will be lost from there catalogue once the Fantasy roster moves to Universal in April? How will it affect any com...
  9. Dean Parrish At Hove Last Night

    Yeh, the sound was repeatedley increased leaving my ears ringing for the next day, but it was still a great night and you should see the venue when it's packed 300+ I've had some great classic soul nights there in the past. Hopefully Pat will use the ve...
  10. Top 10 Soul Lp's

    "had a fantastic album by david porter with a crackin track on it I,m tellin you, but i reckon it got sold with a job lot, any ideas anyone, does anyone know it" The album is Gritty, Groovy & Gettin it" Enterprise UK stax 1970 an early album for me t...
  11. Persil Add

    "The drum roll is probably the best thing about it". It sounds like the opening drum roll to Jnr.Walkers Road runner. Should Benny Benjamin's estate claim royalties? The rest of it is a re-creation better than Levine standard (probably had a bigg...
  12. Which Tune Brings A Tear To Your Eye Everytime?

    Donny Hathaway-Someday we'll all be free. Took on more relevance after his death. I love it but find it difficult to listen to even when the song was covered for the Malcolm X film
  13. We Are The Funky Team

    It's probably my age but I can't dance that long with the enthusiasm I'd like to put into it, now when I was twenty................
  14. We Are The Funky Team

    I followed this thread through to the funk website and shouldn't have bothered, say no more. I don't think they answered your question so I'll have a go. The words "we are the funky team" appear on a track called Funky Men by the JB's c1980. I don't know wher...
  15. Dog's N Soul

    No that's a male(s) "Hey", must have reached that one wonderful moment. It's a long way into the song though